Friday, 30 January 2009

WI WK 14 ;)

lost 2lbs YAY! sooo chuffed i am sooo close to that 2stone mark now i can smell it!!

looking forward to today i am... i am off into to town to get some gear for an 80s party tonight wer thinking flurocesent sweatbands... leg warmers etc... should be cool!

ALSO am going to book our holiday!! me and the girs have decided that wer off to MALIA on an 18-30s this year ohhhh yess im so FRIGGING excited!! wer looking to go about the 14th JUNE... so that means i should hopefully have lost another stoe by then as it is 18 weeks away i am now 15.5.5 and i want to be 14.4 so thats 16.5lbs.... in 18weeks... thats do able and realistic i would love to be 14 by then but wont get hopes up!! ill also be passed half way then too!!

ohhh im so happy!! speak later must get ready and good luck for WI this week folks!
if your lucky i may post a pic of me donning my "80s" neon look later on haha im gona be a right eye sore!! lol ;) xxxx


  1. Well done Laura, fab loss!!! Enjoy your 80's party!!!!! Chanel xx

  2. congrats on the loss this week - you aren't half shedding those pounds off!!

    enjoy the 80s party - but avoid dancing to any form of depeche mode - that is just wrong ;0)

    we're also thinking of booking a girls holiday - perfect excuse to set another goal!!