Saturday, 13 June 2009

hello 13s!!

WOOWOO i did it i cant believe i did it! lost 2 lbs this week :) im now 13 13!! ill be straight back above the 14s wen i get back of hol like but imchuffed i got to the 13s before!! no weigh in for me next week as i am away!! i fly in 20 hours and i have not packed lol!! i dont no wots gotten into me! this is only short and sweet! BONUS i brought a size 14 dress from dorothy perkins too!! there will be lots of pics wen i get back of hol ill be sure to put some on here next to some before ones so we can see the difference! speak to you in a week xxx

Friday, 5 June 2009


woo wooo lost a lb this week! very happy 45lbs down 25 to go.. :) im one happy lady! did my measurements this month too and ive lost of my waist! u have no idea how happy i am becuase for months now its stayed the same at 38.5 its really driven me crakers! but this morning it was 37 woohooo very happy! ideally id like it to be 32 but one step at a time eh lol!
well 9 days til holiday i cant wait but im also a little aprehensive hope i dont put too much on.. id be happy with a 4lb gain maximum anymore i think ill cry! im going to try my hardest its just the alcohol that will get to me all those lovely cocktails!yum yum oh well u have to have a week off dont u i havent so far in 31 weeks apart from xmas but i managed to somehow still loose over xmas so fingers crossed im not going to beet myself up over it if i do gain cus ill get it straight back of again :) Right thats enough of me waffling!! good luck lovlies xxx