Sunday, 9 August 2009


woooooooooooo finally after 3 weeks of staying the same! im so proud! now weighting 13 stone 10 not long to go now.. i have my goal at 12 4 but i mite consider stoppin after shifting this last 10lbs to get me into the 12s... i reli dont no.. at the moment im goin thru a bit of a im kinda happy as i am but would like to tone up phase so im going to try and really concentrate on the gym over the next month and see how it goes.. just take each day as it comes! the compliements i recieve at the moment are amazing and i tell you what i have never looked forward to a saturday nigh out on the town so much! i love shopping now! i can fit into actually nice clothes!! REALLY nice clothes and it makes me so happy! i saw some relatives at the weekend who i havent seen since before i started wwatchers 9 months ago and so they were shocked at my 50lb weight loss and sed i looked incredible.. i keep getting lots of comments about my eyes at the moment and how much they stand out now my face is changing.. also im still getting the lily allen comments.. theyr comming thick and fast lol!! heres a pic for you just of me face lol its definatley a big difference now to when i first started thats for sure !! cant wait to loose this last bit fo weight now.. its like the end is in site! its so exciting!! xxxxx