Friday, 27 February 2009

WI week 18

ellooooo lovlies....

lost 1lb this week...

happy with that...

considering i have felt like eating everything in site this week with it being TOTM too... im not impressed this is the first time in wwacthers i have felt starving all week and i have no idea why? i was thinking about it and do u think it could be that my metabolism has sped up now so im burning thinsg off quicker??
i dont know so this week im going to have to make up some low point things to see me thru incase it happens again... maybe it was just TOTM... weird !

anyway 1lb off i am pleased with! im now 1lb off the 14s! i can smmmmmmeeeelllll them hehe so im going to honeslty try myhardest this week and go to the gym and try n do a bit extra than normal cus i wantto be in the 14s soooo bad i cant wait!

plus now i have officially lost 31lbs and have 39lbs to go...39 sounds like nothing... cant believe its no longer 70 or 60 or 50 or 40 its 39!! music to my ears lol!!

have a good weekend xxxxx

Friday, 20 February 2009

30lbs gone forever YAY

wahey week 17 and i lost 1.5lbs! LOVING IT officially 30lbs down now and 40lbs to go!!
ive done my first target on my previous post which was
  • 1.5lbs to my next BMI drop being 30 (15.2)... I want this by the end of FEB (2 WI's to go)

YAY im now 15.2 sooooo close to the 14s i can smell it... im going to try and put some pictures on of me over the weekend to compare how far ive come from the start 30lbs im hoping you can tell a difference lol!!

MY BMI IS 30 aswell im over the blinkin mooooon!! this means i am nearly in the "generally considered overweight" category which is FAB!

im off shopping tomorrow... i no i sed wasnt going to buy any more clothes but i literally am going to have to... friday is dress down day at work and i have spent the last hour tryng on everything i have for the bottom half and i only have one pair of combats that are huge but i can just about get away with and some skinny jeans that i brought after id lost my first stone... nothing else fits!! so im going to buy 2 items of clothing for the bottom half tomorrow... no new tops or anything just bottoms cus im desperate! xxxxx

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

NSVs and rambling

Hey all well this week ive had two rather random NSVS lol! firstly that i look like the girl of the new advert and secondly that i look like lily allen! LOL HILARIOUS i think these ppl are blind lol but never the less i will take them as compliments...
Feel a bit weird this week,, cant quite belive ive managed to get rid of 2 whole stone and that im doing it im really actually doing it.. its so weird... i cannot believe i have stuck to it for this long i feel like i should pinch myself...

i was looking at myself in the mirror last nyt/this morning and i am beginning to like what i see which scares me a bit.. i have never been thin im a bit scared of what to expect so im just goin to carry on taking each day as it comes...

Aswell im having quite possibly the best time of my life at the moment.. i really mean it.. since i started this blog and the girls said to me at new years that i am not confident and need to be becus i am loosingweight and should be proud ... i have really tried... my confidence is going thru the roof...

im doing things that i would never dream of doing and speaking to ppl i would never dream of speaking to and u no wot im really really enjoying myself.. i cannot wait to get to goal but each week stepping on those scales is just as exciting...

to anyone whos just starting out on weight watchers please do stick at it it really truely works ... i still treat myself too i have a takeaway every weekend and i also have one nyt on the town with my mates and it still works... given i work my ass off in the week to save points and i also go to the gym to make up for it .. but the truth is simple.. eat healthy and exercise... there is no other way around it im just sad its took me this long to realise it..

im 23 at the moment and to think i wont be like this for much longer is amazing i feel like im really starting to live my life the way ive always wanted... fingers crossed the future will stay bright an good look all xxx

Friday, 13 February 2009

WI WK 16 :)

happy me.... YAY -1.lbs today! taking me to 28.5lbs in total and past my 2 stone mark!! at LAST!
got my 4th silver 7!! and am now nearly half way along my journey! i couldnt be happier!!
ive done good this week i weighed in technically at 15.3.4 so techincally it was 1.25lbs lol! but i rounded it up anywhoo...

so my next mini goals are:

  • 1.5lbs to my next BMI drop being 30 (15.2)... I want this by the end of FEB (2 WI's to go)

  • 6.5lbs to my half way point taking me to 35lbs in total ALSO my 5th silver 7 (14.11).... I want this by the end of MARCH (6 WI's to go)

  • 9.5lbs to go until my BMI changes to 29 which puts me in the "generally considered overweight" category (14.8) ... i want this End of April (10 WI's to go)

  • 13.5lbs to go to my 6th silver 7... 3stones total .... i would then weigh 14.4lbs.. i want this by my holiday 14th JUNE... (17 WI's to go)

  • 15.5lbs to go until my BMI drops to 28 .....(14.2).....

  • 17.5lbs to go until my 20 percent

ohhh im glad i wrote those down :) put me in a really motivating mood!! good look lovlies we will be skinny by xmas :) xxxxx

Friday, 6 February 2009

weigh in ;)

Hi all!!

lost 1lb today so im a meassssssley 0.5lbs off 2 stone! DAMMIT slightly gutted but will get it next week im sure!

im off to the cinema tonight with my best mate to see "hes just not that into you" well excited to be fair lol!! then off out on the town tomorrow nyt! hopefully the snow doesnt prevent this! lol!!

av a good weekend xx

Thursday, 5 February 2009

clothes to shop or not to shop....

hmmm after reading a fellow bloggers comment about clothes shopping its made me stop in my tracks,... DAMMIT!
ive realised in teh past 3 months i have been doin wwatchers i started off so well it was until i had lost a bout a stone that i started to buy new clothes... before that i refused and only brought shoes and handbags lol... then once i hit the one stone mark ive brougth loads and its such a waste of money im rather disappointed in myself..
im now nearing the 2 stone loss mark (1.5lsb to go and if i want to achieve that by next week)
ive brought.. 4 going out tops...5 casual tops and a cardi!! thats STUPID! im not going to fit in them by summer! oh mannnn!!

SO i have enough things now to keep me going if anyhting i need some new bottoms.. i have treid to make everything else last as much as i can so as to not waste money.. but im down to one pair of combaats that practially fall off... my going out shorts are just as bad but i dont wana waste any more money!

SO in conclusion i have made a conscious descision that i am not going to buy any more clothes until i have lost 8.5lbs which will take me to 2 and half stone loss exactly...
but i may buy some new going out shorst that is it though! cus i want to have a big spend before my holiday and buy some nice holiday clothes! so if you see me write on here that i have been shopping or am going shopping please kindly remind me i am not allowed anymore CLOTHES!!

thanks lol xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 1 February 2009


here we come!!! im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! i cannot wait!
JUNE 14th for one week me and my 2 best girl mates! i cannot WAIT! (18-30s!!)
that is 19 Wweigh ins to go!!

SO i am currenlty 15.5.5 and pretty much a sze 16 in everything ..
My aim is to be 14.4 by then if i can...
thats 15.5lbs in 19weeks! totally doable and very realistic... if i could get it to bang on 14stone would be over the mooon but im going to say 14.4 becus that will mean at that point i will be past half way and have lost 3stone! with only 2stone to go...a MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT!...

as a small incentive i brought 2 cheap summer dresses from primark today only 3 quid each for the holiday in a size 14 im hoping ill be pretty much in 14 in everything by then..!!

I cant wait and im glad ive set myself another little goal now too YAY! xxx