Friday, 30 January 2009

WI WK 14 ;)

lost 2lbs YAY! sooo chuffed i am sooo close to that 2stone mark now i can smell it!!

looking forward to today i am... i am off into to town to get some gear for an 80s party tonight wer thinking flurocesent sweatbands... leg warmers etc... should be cool!

ALSO am going to book our holiday!! me and the girs have decided that wer off to MALIA on an 18-30s this year ohhhh yess im so FRIGGING excited!! wer looking to go about the 14th JUNE... so that means i should hopefully have lost another stoe by then as it is 18 weeks away i am now 15.5.5 and i want to be 14.4 so thats 16.5lbs.... in 18weeks... thats do able and realistic i would love to be 14 by then but wont get hopes up!! ill also be passed half way then too!!

ohhh im so happy!! speak later must get ready and good luck for WI this week folks!
if your lucky i may post a pic of me donning my "80s" neon look later on haha im gona be a right eye sore!! lol ;) xxxx

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Being bold and brave

Hey all
well went out last nyt on the town ;P i did sumthing i can honeslty say i have not done in years... i wore a none black top! i never do this i dont know why i just feel black hides me better i spoze anyway with me achieving my 10% this week i thought i would treat myself so went shopping and brought this FAB PEACH top!! it was gawwwjus! and even better it was a size 16 from MISS FRIGGING SELFRIDGE! dead chuffed i really am... i wore it and even more so i had my arms on show becus it was sleevless so 2 things i braved...

Friends said i looked really nice and i had lots of lovly compliments and im very proud of myself i feel like ive turned a corner with the confidence thing!

ALSO had 2 kind of NSVS these week... earlier on in week this guy at work said to me my lipgloss was nice (he is gay lol) i sed thanks and then he said infact all ur makeup is lovly today pretty lady... (it was no different to how i always do it for work so thought this was a bit weird... a compliment never the less) then on friday another guy came up to me and sez...have you had your hair cut? i said no ...he looked puzzled... i said "why?" he said me and (other guy) have been saying u look really different this week and we cant for the life of us put our finger on what it is... (at this point i was kinda grinning from ear to ear lol) i said "oh i dont no wot it could be.. good different or bad different?" he says "GOOD!" i just said thankyou and scurried off....

*in conclusion i think it maybe the weight loss starting to show a bit more obvisouly now and ive lost alot of my face and only one person has noticed at work so far and ive nealry lost 2stone! so im going to take it as a compliment ;) *

Heres a piccy of me (right) in my peach top... u cant really see it but u can get the gist and i do feel like the weight has come off my face this month.

Friday, 23 January 2009

WI week 13 unlucky for some but not meeeeee

got my 10 percent baby oh yesssssssssssssssss
im so chuffed this means i am 3.5lbs away from 2stone!! 3.5lbs how god dam exciting!!
i am soooooo pleased with myself! did realy good this week went the gym 3 times and worked my @ss off also made sure i only had diet coke with alcohol at weekend made a big difference!!
so i am now 15.7.5lbs my aim is to loose that 7.5lbs by urmmmmm say end of feb thats 5 weigh ins so could be possible! YAY OH YAY lol also my bmi is now 31!! was 35 wen i started so im dead chuffed! im on cloud 9..... "dont stop me nooooooooooooooooooow im havin such a good time haha"

thankgod its friday aswell THANK GOD i swear!! goin out tomorrow nyt to paint the town haha i cant wait... tonight im goingt o have a chinese a nice hot bath and watch gavin and stacy which by the way is the serioulsy the FUNNIEST thing i have ever seen!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


i mean serioulsy! wot has a girl got to do to make a man realise she likes me! i could not make it any more obvious unless i actually sed thewords!! WTF! its drivin me MAD really MAD is ignorance a polite way of telling me its not mutual or WOT i just refuse to belive men are sooo blind! apologies to men reading this but for god sake help me out! x

Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday and CREME EGGS..

cant belive its Monday again seriously where does the weekend go??
well did good today and had a pretty good weekend so fingers crossed will keep it up!!
ive been to the gym too watched eastenders whilst puffin away on the cross trainer lol!!
and oh my god sumhow ended up with 13.5 points left over for dinner!! (not even including my bonus points but i dont touch them) so i had a weight wacthers lasagne and salad with salad cream and then i had a .... CREME EGG and oh my god! it was AMAZING it was the most AMAZING thing i have ever had whilst being on weight wacthers even better than a chinese beef curry i enjoyed it sooooo much lol!! i woud recommend each and evry one of u to save 3.5points and get ur hands on one becuase it realy was HEAVEN! lol xxxxx

Saturday, 17 January 2009


why oh why are men soooo stupid!
i mean r u blind? or just stupid!!
seriously im the kinda girl that would rather be approached instead of me doing the running... although i do kinda like the running actually its exciting but wen the running is over why is it impossible for a man to say wots on his mind?? huh??
am i just stupid? am i completly wrong??
i decide i like someon WAY too fast always have done and ive tried so hard to change it but i just cant and its sooo frustrating as it usually ends up being one sided! but i feel like im being soooo obvious yet still nothing... do i have to spell it out really u must have some idea!!AARGGGHHHH
so how do i start the new year.... by deciding i like someone that is so totally out of my league its hilarious! and now im sat here checking my frigiin phone every 5 seconds and its driving me mad im literally thinking about putting it in the bin!
GODDAMIT! i hate them each and evry last single one of them! im gona be lonly and alone forever! mayaswell just get used to that fact now save myself a whole heap of heartache! xx

Friday, 16 January 2009


oh my god words cannot describe how happy i am! i lost YAY 0.5lbs! im so happy thats fabulous! relie relie relie happy!! wooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo
"dancing on the ceiling" haha! good luck lovlies xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 15 January 2009


man wot is wrong with me im cravin loads this week oh no!! lol!!
dont worry i didnt eat the sausage sarnie yesterday i just sed i had to leave the room due to the loverly smell haha..
well ive just had a weight watchers pizza for dinner 6p! havnt had one before and havnt had pizza since i started point blank! so i thoroughly enojyed it had it with salad and i added some extrasto the top like onion and tomoto and pepper so was nice.. very herby but nice!
but now i WANT chocolate

dam time of the month man! i have 4ps left for the day but i sneek peaked this mornng yes yes i no dont give me a lecture i shouldnt have and i weight the same as last friday!! and i have saved 1 or 2 points a day plus my gym points which is wot i always do so WTF! could be TOTM yes butit hasnt effected me before!! im so upset man... cus if i sts the same yes at least that is better than a gain but ive bin lucky since i started and lost every week even over xmas! so WTFF!!!!!!!!!

i new it would happen at some point but i didnt think til was at least in the 14s it would happen! stupid body im really sad..
so i wont be having the chocolate as im saving these 4p in the hope that i loose hlaf a pound over nyt! doubtful tho...



Wednesday, 14 January 2009


i am starrrrvin marrrrvvinnnn lol!! all the dudes at work have just gone and got sausagne sarnies oh my god i had to leave the room i want one SOOOO bad the smell is AMAZING nearly made me dribble lol!! haha! ive decided ill have one friday as a treat if i loose at WI! which i hope i do!

im of to the gym again tonight! loookin forwward to it! aw one of my best mates is goin away this weekend only leaves the 2 of us so it will be a nice weekend in for us i think... althought i REALLY want to go out and parrrtttaaaayyy again! it will have to wait...

boring update today..xx

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


well havnt been the gym for about 10 days actually due to flu type thing i had didnt want to risk it and make myself worse so tonight was the first nyt ive been as i sed in about 10 days... couldnt wait to get back to be honest bonus yay lol!!

Normally i do about 20-25 mins on cross trainer and do about 3.5-4miles(im obv more nakard some days lol) neway today i did 5 miles in 30 minutes! SOOOOOOOOOOO chuffed im dead proud of myself! defo gona start my running porgramme next week.. just guna get back into normal stuff i do first this week!

im so happy woohoo xxx

its a new dayyy

bonjour gawjus ppl...

how we all doin?? i didnt write yesterday i was soooo mega busy at work was ridiculous! didnt even geta chance to look up form my desk all day!! went quick tho!!

how we all doin this week?? ohh my rentals got me 2 new things from wwatchers shelf last nyt at food shoppin... a pizza (whic i simply cannot waity for cus i havent had pizza since i started!!6 points and looks lushious!!) and a chilli and potato thing! which i think i mite have tonight! but im so excited about the prospect of eating pizza lol! ive really been craving pizza majorly lately aswell!! YAY!

haha watched one of them paul mckenna i can make u thin programmes last nyt! hilarious i was wettin myself i dont think its worked lol it was one about a motivating u to exercise more! but i did wake up half way trhough the nyts and his words wer goin roudn and round in my head which was weird! so well see!

im off to the gym tonight! its TOTM too and it killed me last tym i went wen it was TOTMbut i so want to go... ill take it easy tonight cus i havnt been for a week cus i was ill so i really want to get back into it!

ohh did any of u watch dancing on ice?? soo good i love jeremy edwards i fancy him loads lol!! but ray was amazing! hes going to win hes so good! looking forward to seeing the girls this week i love colleen nolen shes so funny i rekcon shes goin to be crakin on it this week!


Sunday, 11 January 2009

the best night EVER

i literally had THE BEST NIGHT OUT EVER last nyt! im sooooooooooooooooooooo happy cus u no wen u look forward to something it never is as good as u think it will be is it>?
WELL it was BETTER im serioulsy on cloud 9 lol! took some crakin pictures here is one of me (on the right and also very pleased with the photo the weight has defo come of my face!)and the the beginning of the nyt after 4 coctials and aglass ofchampagne (points went right out the window last nyt! i saved 4 and i defo had WAY more than 4!!

ohhh i have sent a picture of to a site that will nok up to 50lbs of you and then mails it you back.! Found the website ona fellow bloggers site alice! thanks Alice!I cant remember it now so i will copy and paste it from Alices blog a bit later on for you all! her pictures look amzing! im quite excited cus ive never been skinny so i have no idea wot i will look like and just for a chance of a glimpse is too much to handle lol!

aww one thing i hate about going out on a satrday nyt is i waste sunday doing nothing feeling sorry formyself being hungover lol ive been on the computor for about 3 hours! then i intend on going for a nice hot bath and then going back to bed and im going to watch the first season of lipstick jungle! im soooooooooooo excited brought the other day from sainsburys! its from the makers of sex n the city so should be good cus i LOVE sex and the city ive got ALL the DVDS! lol!

OMG guess wot i pulled aswell! TWICE! ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i tell you i needed that confidence boost definately its done me wonders of good! hope u are all having a good day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

saturday baby

i cant wait to go outttttttttttttttttt wahooooooooooooooooooooooooo

done good today! ive eaten

special k and semi skimmed milk and one slice of toast with flora - 4p

cheese and cucumber sarnie weight wacthers bread (cus of the cheese tho cus i was feelin nauty haha it came to...) 7p

weight wacthers cottage pie - 5p
steam fresh veg (cus it was peas sweetcorn etc the value is actualy) 3.5p
gravy 0.5p

20/24 but i plan on having loads of vodka tonight so i am actually going over my points in the end *tut tut* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 9 January 2009

WI - ;o)

Hellooooooooo gaaaawwwjus ppl... im feeling a abit better now after this mornings mishap i realised there is nothing i can do so ill just have to deal with it and like one lovely lady commented ppl are only interested in things they think "they shouldnt know" so unless i say oh no and make a massive fuss ppl will prob think ive posted the pic intentially on there... i hope... anyway

WI i lost 2lbs baby YEAAAAAAAAAAA wohoooooooooo
meaning i have lost 22lbs to date and got 48lbs to go...
also got my THIRD silver seven ;)
And im 3lbs away from my 10% which i hope to achieve by the end of JAN!

SO im kinda happier now! plus its friday and i love that friday feeeling woohoooo im going to treat myself to a chinese tonight suprise suprise and i cant wait im also going to have a lovly pamper and a long hot soak and get exctied to go out tomorrow nyt and STRUT my stuff andhopefully pull a lovly man! haha i never pull but i can try ;) xxxxxxxxx


oh man i am soo upset! on facebook i uploaded some pics to the secret *wwacthers group on there* and then made a comment saying somthing like this is me 15.12 in my size 16 river island shorst! only to realise that its come up on evryones profile! i thught it would be secret already had one firend comment on it! im sooo upset im not even kiddin wot the FK why the FK did i do that? now evryone is goin to no wot i weigh etc im so so embarrased... yea i no chances are ppl dont care cus the realityis they no im overwieght but they dont no exactly how much i weigh thats so embarrasing! ive deleted the photo so hopefully no one else will see it that hasnt already but god noes how many home pages its popped up on!i could literally cry im so upset! thing is we me and 2 girls mates stopped hanging round with our group of ppl about september time we kinda just drifted apart and things have been sed in the mean time which has made us kinda hate eachother now so i always wanted one day to walk past the old lot and be like hah look at me and now theyr all going to noin black and white how much i weigh well i bet they havea right field day with that great makes me feel like SH1T excuse my language apologies but u get my drift :(

Thursday, 8 January 2009


i am shattered! ive worked sooo hard today at work i deserve a big fat blue peter badge haha!
Cannot wait to get home! im going to have a lovely pamper tomorrow nyt ready for Saturday nights events! nothing beets a good pamper i must say!

oh my god the best news i had my first person at work notice my weight loss today it was sooo nice! he literally broadcasted amongst the office i was dead embarrased he was liek right laura im sorry but serioulsy how much weight have u lost you look fantastic!! (i neary cried to be honest!) so proud that someone has finally noticed YAY for meeeee he said he wanted to say sumthing all week but didnt want to cus he noes weight with a woman is a touchy subject! i said not if you think theyve lost it it isnt! ;)

WI tomorrow! am hoping for at least 1lb loss so i can get my third shiny silver seven! i have been very good this week so hopefully will get 1.5lbs off if i can!!

I am STARVING today im going to have wwatchers quiche, jacket wedges and salad tonight and im reli looking forward to it!! yummy yummy!!

oh my god aswell all of you need to buy the enrique best of album! ohhh i love it! im sucha cheeeeseball its great i had it blaring in my car today on the way to work.. and i intend on having it blaring on the way back!!

WEll over and out untill tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxx wish me luck for WI xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

facebook and wednesday ramblings

wow have u seen how many ppl have joined the "secret group" " NYE challenge 2009 get to a size 12" it was 92 last time i lookd! its really good very motivating!!

ohhh who watched clare sweenys documentry last nyt? i thought it was quite good, very shocking actually at just how bad ppls health can get in a matter of 6 weeks she looked hurendous didnt she 10 inches on her waist in 6weeks! it would have been nice to see her loose that weight tho although i figured that was filmed in the summer and at the end it said she is still trying to get the last half a stone off which in turn means that must av taken her about 6 months to get the stone and half back off! which prooves how easy it is to put on and what hard work u dam well have to put in to get it off! im hoping wen i get to goal i will be fully trained mentally and physically as in i will have changed all my eating habbits and i will just know what to eat and how much and that you have to exercise to stay healthy!

Its not hard is it really there is no other solution but to eat healthy and exercise! god i wish id realised this sooner rather than waste all this time moaning about it! still wer on the road now guys and we will get there ;) yay im so so excited i keep dreaming about it dreaming about what i will look like at goal!

hope i loose 1lb this week then i will get my third shiny silver seven! WI is friday so fingers crossed i have been very good this week and saved points evrry day becus i havent been able to go to the gym! cant wait to go to the gym next weektho i desperatley want to try this running programme out!

on a different topic! skating on ice starts on sunday yay i cant wait JEREMY EDWARDS IS THE SEX haha xxxxx

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

oh where for art tho diet coke man??

i mean serioulsy! wouldnt it fab if that really happend some hunk just appeared out of no where and opens your can for you haha... im in a good mood today lovlies! im feeling better too well slightly ive got my @ss into work today so im over the moon that i have got out of that rotten bed..!! ;) doing well with food today too heres my plan..

brekkie- special k and semi skimmed milk (2.5p
one slice of toast with flora - 2p

lunch- ham salad sarnie with low fat mayo - 6.5p

dinner- veggie soup - 2p
2x toast with flora - 1 normal - 2p
1 wwatchers - 1.5p

snacks - apple 0.5p
grapes - 1.p
other half of belgion bun 3.5p

total = 21.5/24 saves 2.5p v.good ;)

ohhh i cant wait for tv tonight! geek ;) i love holby city lots of nice men doctors haha im in the wrong line of work i should have been a nurse clearly!! and then theres that programme with clare sweeny on !! anyone else going to watch it? its a documentry where she puts on 2stone to show the effects of weight loss/weight gain! looks intersting!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY only 3 days til the weekend and i cant wait ;o) xxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 5 January 2009

Dilbert over here has just been told what NSV is!!

HAHA i have been wracking my brains for weeks trying to work out wot NSV means and FINALLY i asked lol i dont no why i did ask earlier wot a divvy NON SCALE VICTORY haha i cant believe i didnt know that!

Also i worked out that if i loose 1lb a week i should reach my Goal by ... drum roll please... the 18th of December! one bloooooooooomin week before xmas (where ill blatently then put on half a stone!) oh maaaannnn so i need to speed that up a bit only a few weeks ill aim for the last week of November becus then at least if i carry on lossing after goal.. say a lb a week that will mean at least i am 4lbs under goal by xmas so i wont feel AWFUL if i put 4lb on! ahem! do you see the logic???



im so so annoyed! why why oh why do i have to be ILL in the new year it sucks majorly SUCKS all i want to do is get back to the gym and i cant ( im actually very impressed with myself for having withdrawel symptoms! its only been 5 days!!) i cant stop coffin my nose is thick and im freezin im so fed up!! have had to ring in sick AGAIN today which also sucks cus im so bored im going out my brain!!

I cant believe its snowing aswell!

plan for today:

brekkie: special k and semi skimmed milk 2.5p
one slice of hovis best of both with flora - 2p

lunch- chicken salad sarnie with low fat mayo - 5.5p

snacks - 1 satsuma -0.5p
1 apple - 0.5p
grapes - 1p

dinner - weight watchers mediteranean vegie pasta - 4p

snack: half a belgion bun = 3.5p

19.5/24 not bad! ;0) xxxx

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sun 4th

Howdeeee i made a ticker today but i have no idea how i put this onto my blog so ill just have to stick it in my post...

hmmm havent really done much today still feeling under the weather.... feel like ive wasted the whole day and weekend god i hate being ill! its sooo borinnng....

ive had today my roast dinner and thats it i had

gammon - 4p

potatos - 3p

cauliflower cheese - 3.5p - (i love this could have it with anything lol)

veg and lots of it like cauliflower and broccoli and cabbage!!

gravy 0.5p

so a grand total of 11/24.

Dont no what i want for tea... hmm not in a very good mood today i must say very irratable prob cus im sooooo bored!! :( xxx

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sat 3rd.

Heylo well im still ill boooooooooooo its such a nice day outside too and i really want to go to the gym but it will just make my coff worse im so upset! ive found a plan to follow to start running and im dead excited to start it!! hopefully will be better by next week at the latest!

So far just had brekkie - special k and semi skimmed milk - 2.5p

I want a chinese tonight i normally have a beef curry and boiled rice but its hard to point i go by noreen blackettes site whcih says 9.5p for the whole portion of beef curry ( i secretly doubt thats right) and 6.5p for the whole boiled rice (hmmmm) but ive had one every week since ive started so it must be kinda right!... i do miss pizza tho i could eat a nice ham and pinapple pizza from pizza hut yum yum but its just not worth it id only be able to have about 3 slices and i want far more than that so i dont bother lol! i am going to have to find something new to try tho soon tho beef curry and boiled rice is wearing a bit thin.... any ideas? ive never tried chow mein so unsure if id like it??

moving on i decided to measure myself today and i was dead chuffed.. got the old tape measure out and measured all over e.g. waist, hips, thighs, arms etc and ive lost a grand total of 13.5 inches in 10 weeks! now THAT is DEFO something to be proud of! the gym is defo working!

hmm wot to do today wot to do... think well put the crimbo decorations today how sad ... cant believe its all over :( xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 2 January 2009


im so so happy and proud of myself lost 1.5lbs this week taking me to 15.12!! and a total of -20lbs loss! im one little pound away from my third shiny silver seven!
ALthough i am snuggled up in bed with a stinky cold and i can only hope its not the flu comming! had an awful nights sleep so i rang in sick at work :( ! Im beginning to feel a little better fingers crossed! )

Yesterday i ate (am on 24 points now)

brekkie - special k and semi skimmed milk - 2.5p
2 satsumas - 0.5p

lunch - 2x peices of toast with flora - 4.5p

snacks - 1xapple - 0.5p
1x multi pack french fries - 1p

dinner - cheese salad sandwhich with low fat mayo - 8p
small piece of xmas cake - 4p

not bad 21/24 saved 3!


brekkie - special k and semi skimmed milk - 2.5p
one satsuma - 0.5

lunch - bernard matthews chicken on weight watchers bread,flora, salad and low fat mayo - 6.5p grapes - 0.5p

dinner - haha ahem... 2 slices of grilled bacon -3.5p a fried egg - 2.5p 2xtoast with flora - 3.5p and tinned tomatoes and i cant bllllloooooomin wait! just wat the doctor ordered!!

leaves with 4.5p to play with hmmm may save them so i can have a chinese tomorrow nyt! wahooo! im feeling a bit better too this evening which is a bonus! cant wait for eastenders and celebrity big brother! xxx

dont you ever wonder what figure youll have when you get to goal! its so exciting! oh i cannot wait!! xxxx

Thursday, 1 January 2009

THE BEGINNING - the new year!

Righteo, Hi Guys!! i thought i would start a blog now being as it is the new year and everything! I joined WWatchers 10 weeks ago at 17.4lbs and now i am 15.13.5lbs and i tell you nothing can even compare to how proud of myself i am right now! thats 18.5lbs gone forever and i dropped a dress size! Started of as a size 18-20 and i am now a 16-18 (A comfy 16 in jeans in dorothy perkins and new look but still cant get into oasis and warehouse? go figure?) im 5ft10 so top end of my BMI (25) would be 12.6lbs ive set my goal weight to 12.4lbs still at the top end of BMI yes but that is 5 stone off in total. I want to be a size 12 and i would imagine hopefully i will be at around that weight! we shall see only time will tell...
Here are a few pics of my journey so far...

This was me last week at 15.13.5lbs (in my size 16 river island shorts! going to the gym has really tones up my legs!!)LOSS of 18.5lbs so far,,,

This is me the week before at 16.1lbs(im on the left grey shorts black top) Loss of 17lbs

This is me at 16.10lbs (im on the right cream and black dress) Loss at this point 7lbs.

This is me at start weight a massive 17.4lbs!!

Anyway NEW YEAR NEW START, didnt do anything last night just went round my friends house, she has a little one god hes gorgous 2 n half years old hes a beuty anyway (sorry i tend to ramble a bit hehe) she coultn find anyone to have him so we stopped in and just had some vodka and dance round was nice and we saved money! bonus! This time of year always brings people to think about the past and the future and so we decided to point out one thing we think we could all improve on and do you know what they said to me, "confidence" such a small word with such a big meaning! I feel like i am confident and defo slighlty more so now i am loosing the weight...But aparntly NOT! They said i always put myself down.. i never realised i did this just as often as i do. You see just the other night for example i was out and this guy i quite liked said to me oh your freinds a hottie isnt she, i said yea she is, he then said has she got a boyf, i said no and then he said have YOU got a boyf, i said.... "no im far too ugly for that!" now WHY on earth did i say that?? i know why its becus i do feel sometimes that i should crack the joke before they do, it sounds silly yes but i was bullied in secondry school maybe that has something to do with it its like a wall i put up, i just dont believe it when someone says they like me or talk to me i think theyve got an alterior motive that secretly theyr taking the mick.. its very sad really when i think about it.
SO NEW YEARS RESOLUTION "I promise to allow myself to be confident when im out and try my hardest to not put myself down and also be proud of what i have acheived so far"
Changing the subject i feel really poorly today got a stonking cold!so im staying in all day in the warm feeling sorry for myself ( i really want it to hurry up and go cus i cant go to the gym feeling like this !) Happy New Year lovlies xxxx