Saturday, 17 January 2009


why oh why are men soooo stupid!
i mean r u blind? or just stupid!!
seriously im the kinda girl that would rather be approached instead of me doing the running... although i do kinda like the running actually its exciting but wen the running is over why is it impossible for a man to say wots on his mind?? huh??
am i just stupid? am i completly wrong??
i decide i like someon WAY too fast always have done and ive tried so hard to change it but i just cant and its sooo frustrating as it usually ends up being one sided! but i feel like im being soooo obvious yet still nothing... do i have to spell it out really u must have some idea!!AARGGGHHHH
so how do i start the new year.... by deciding i like someone that is so totally out of my league its hilarious! and now im sat here checking my frigiin phone every 5 seconds and its driving me mad im literally thinking about putting it in the bin!
GODDAMIT! i hate them each and evry last single one of them! im gona be lonly and alone forever! mayaswell just get used to that fact now save myself a whole heap of heartache! xx


  1. lol - just read this through and I'm not sure at any age a man can jsut say what he thinks (That's becasue 9 times out of ten he isnt' thinking about it - they are much more ismple than us!)

    Jut don't lose that abilty to liek someone too quicly - its easy for trust and the view that people should 'settle' creep in and well looking back on waiting on your phone to ring will be funny in the future - thoguh crap at the time.

    The cure is simple - replacement!! Date lots and have some fun... lol I should take my own advice!!!

  2. haha how glad am I that I am middle aged (well 33!) and have been married forever and don't have the hassles of men - apart from an extremely annoying husband!

    I'm afraid this is the way it goes Laura until you meet "the one" I've been there and done it all, its exciting on one hand but exhausting on the other, just try and chill and date as many as you can while you can!

    Good news on your continuing weight loss by the way!

    I have been really poorly and still am so I am abstaining from my blog until I get weighed on Thursday and then I will update with all my boring news!

    Take care