Tuesday, 13 January 2009

its a new dayyy

bonjour gawjus ppl...

how we all doin?? i didnt write yesterday i was soooo mega busy at work was ridiculous! didnt even geta chance to look up form my desk all day!! went quick tho!!

how we all doin this week?? ohh my rentals got me 2 new things from wwatchers shelf last nyt at food shoppin... a pizza (whic i simply cannot waity for cus i havent had pizza since i started!!6 points and looks lushious!!) and a chilli and potato thing! which i think i mite have tonight! but im so excited about the prospect of eating pizza lol! ive really been craving pizza majorly lately aswell!! YAY!

haha watched one of them paul mckenna i can make u thin programmes last nyt! hilarious i was wettin myself i dont think its worked lol it was one about a motivating u to exercise more! but i did wake up half way trhough the nyts and his words wer goin roudn and round in my head which was weird! so well see!

im off to the gym tonight! its TOTM too and it killed me last tym i went wen it was TOTMbut i so want to go... ill take it easy tonight cus i havnt been for a week cus i was ill so i really want to get back into it!

ohh did any of u watch dancing on ice?? soo good i love jeremy edwards i fancy him loads lol!! but ray was amazing! hes going to win hes so good! looking forward to seeing the girls this week i love colleen nolen shes so funny i rekcon shes goin to be crakin on it this week!


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