Friday, 23 January 2009

WI week 13 unlucky for some but not meeeeee

got my 10 percent baby oh yesssssssssssssssss
im so chuffed this means i am 3.5lbs away from 2stone!! 3.5lbs how god dam exciting!!
i am soooooo pleased with myself! did realy good this week went the gym 3 times and worked my @ss off also made sure i only had diet coke with alcohol at weekend made a big difference!!
so i am now 15.7.5lbs my aim is to loose that 7.5lbs by urmmmmm say end of feb thats 5 weigh ins so could be possible! YAY OH YAY lol also my bmi is now 31!! was 35 wen i started so im dead chuffed! im on cloud 9..... "dont stop me nooooooooooooooooooow im havin such a good time haha"

thankgod its friday aswell THANK GOD i swear!! goin out tomorrow nyt to paint the town haha i cant wait... tonight im goingt o have a chinese a nice hot bath and watch gavin and stacy which by the way is the serioulsy the FUNNIEST thing i have ever seen!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Congratulations!!! 10% is a great goal :) And nice the next one's so close :)
    Well done!!!

  2. Well done Laura you truely are an inspiration! there will be nothing left of you soon!

    I am still poorly and totally sick of it, I lost a pound this week by luck rather than judgement, I just want to get well so I can get back on the plan and start doing some exercise!

    Have a great weekend


  3. congratulation laura - that is fantastic news and the gym is clearly paying off!!!

    Have a fanastic night out tonight and enjoy celebrating that 10%!!!