Monday, 5 January 2009

Dilbert over here has just been told what NSV is!!

HAHA i have been wracking my brains for weeks trying to work out wot NSV means and FINALLY i asked lol i dont no why i did ask earlier wot a divvy NON SCALE VICTORY haha i cant believe i didnt know that!

Also i worked out that if i loose 1lb a week i should reach my Goal by ... drum roll please... the 18th of December! one bloooooooooomin week before xmas (where ill blatently then put on half a stone!) oh maaaannnn so i need to speed that up a bit only a few weeks ill aim for the last week of November becus then at least if i carry on lossing after goal.. say a lb a week that will mean at least i am 4lbs under goal by xmas so i wont feel AWFUL if i put 4lb on! ahem! do you see the logic???



  1. Lol! I was clueless about NSV's too, so I waited for some other newbie to ask the inevitable question and shamelessly awaited the answer to their post. I'm still wondering what FAO stands for though...

    Good luck on getting to goal! 1 lb a week is certainly do-able :)


  2. FAO means for the attention of


  3. haha crakin we r a hilarious bunch xx

  4. 1lb a week is defo a realistic goal! You'll do that no problem! How much do you normally tend to lose a week? x