Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday and CREME EGGS..

cant belive its Monday again seriously where does the weekend go??
well did good today and had a pretty good weekend so fingers crossed will keep it up!!
ive been to the gym too watched eastenders whilst puffin away on the cross trainer lol!!
and oh my god sumhow ended up with 13.5 points left over for dinner!! (not even including my bonus points but i dont touch them) so i had a weight wacthers lasagne and salad with salad cream and then i had a .... CREME EGG and oh my god! it was AMAZING it was the most AMAZING thing i have ever had whilst being on weight wacthers even better than a chinese beef curry i enjoyed it sooooo much lol!! i woud recommend each and evry one of u to save 3.5points and get ur hands on one becuase it realy was HEAVEN! lol xxxxx

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