Thursday, 1 January 2009

THE BEGINNING - the new year!

Righteo, Hi Guys!! i thought i would start a blog now being as it is the new year and everything! I joined WWatchers 10 weeks ago at 17.4lbs and now i am 15.13.5lbs and i tell you nothing can even compare to how proud of myself i am right now! thats 18.5lbs gone forever and i dropped a dress size! Started of as a size 18-20 and i am now a 16-18 (A comfy 16 in jeans in dorothy perkins and new look but still cant get into oasis and warehouse? go figure?) im 5ft10 so top end of my BMI (25) would be 12.6lbs ive set my goal weight to 12.4lbs still at the top end of BMI yes but that is 5 stone off in total. I want to be a size 12 and i would imagine hopefully i will be at around that weight! we shall see only time will tell...
Here are a few pics of my journey so far...

This was me last week at 15.13.5lbs (in my size 16 river island shorts! going to the gym has really tones up my legs!!)LOSS of 18.5lbs so far,,,

This is me the week before at 16.1lbs(im on the left grey shorts black top) Loss of 17lbs

This is me at 16.10lbs (im on the right cream and black dress) Loss at this point 7lbs.

This is me at start weight a massive 17.4lbs!!

Anyway NEW YEAR NEW START, didnt do anything last night just went round my friends house, she has a little one god hes gorgous 2 n half years old hes a beuty anyway (sorry i tend to ramble a bit hehe) she coultn find anyone to have him so we stopped in and just had some vodka and dance round was nice and we saved money! bonus! This time of year always brings people to think about the past and the future and so we decided to point out one thing we think we could all improve on and do you know what they said to me, "confidence" such a small word with such a big meaning! I feel like i am confident and defo slighlty more so now i am loosing the weight...But aparntly NOT! They said i always put myself down.. i never realised i did this just as often as i do. You see just the other night for example i was out and this guy i quite liked said to me oh your freinds a hottie isnt she, i said yea she is, he then said has she got a boyf, i said no and then he said have YOU got a boyf, i said.... "no im far too ugly for that!" now WHY on earth did i say that?? i know why its becus i do feel sometimes that i should crack the joke before they do, it sounds silly yes but i was bullied in secondry school maybe that has something to do with it its like a wall i put up, i just dont believe it when someone says they like me or talk to me i think theyve got an alterior motive that secretly theyr taking the mick.. its very sad really when i think about it.
SO NEW YEARS RESOLUTION "I promise to allow myself to be confident when im out and try my hardest to not put myself down and also be proud of what i have acheived so far"
Changing the subject i feel really poorly today got a stonking cold!so im staying in all day in the warm feeling sorry for myself ( i really want it to hurry up and go cus i cant go to the gym feeling like this !) Happy New Year lovlies xxxx

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  1. You look amazing on the pics! Well done for everything you've achieved so far :)

    Good luck for 2009!