Thursday, 15 January 2009


man wot is wrong with me im cravin loads this week oh no!! lol!!
dont worry i didnt eat the sausage sarnie yesterday i just sed i had to leave the room due to the loverly smell haha..
well ive just had a weight watchers pizza for dinner 6p! havnt had one before and havnt had pizza since i started point blank! so i thoroughly enojyed it had it with salad and i added some extrasto the top like onion and tomoto and pepper so was nice.. very herby but nice!
but now i WANT chocolate

dam time of the month man! i have 4ps left for the day but i sneek peaked this mornng yes yes i no dont give me a lecture i shouldnt have and i weight the same as last friday!! and i have saved 1 or 2 points a day plus my gym points which is wot i always do so WTF! could be TOTM yes butit hasnt effected me before!! im so upset man... cus if i sts the same yes at least that is better than a gain but ive bin lucky since i started and lost every week even over xmas! so WTFF!!!!!!!!!

i new it would happen at some point but i didnt think til was at least in the 14s it would happen! stupid body im really sad..
so i wont be having the chocolate as im saving these 4p in the hope that i loose hlaf a pound over nyt! doubtful tho...




  1. They say that undereating doesn't help as your points are designed specificaly for your bodyweight, activity levels and age. If you are saving points to use at the weekend then fair enough but you shouldn't really be saving points in an attempt to loose more...sorry to be negative!!

    I would advise you to steer clear of the mushroom and garlic WW pizza - its a killer breath pizza!!!!

  2. It has to be totm... I always step on the scales, and its so crap when its up one or something- but when its down one mid week- its Wooohooo

    Stick a it.. You'll be fine come WI day xox

  3. yep has to be totm.... I used to find that every month right before it when I weight in - I always sts that week, then lost a bit more than average the following so don't worry... guess it's our bodies just doing their thing!