Sunday, 11 January 2009

the best night EVER

i literally had THE BEST NIGHT OUT EVER last nyt! im sooooooooooooooooooooo happy cus u no wen u look forward to something it never is as good as u think it will be is it>?
WELL it was BETTER im serioulsy on cloud 9 lol! took some crakin pictures here is one of me (on the right and also very pleased with the photo the weight has defo come of my face!)and the the beginning of the nyt after 4 coctials and aglass ofchampagne (points went right out the window last nyt! i saved 4 and i defo had WAY more than 4!!

ohhh i have sent a picture of to a site that will nok up to 50lbs of you and then mails it you back.! Found the website ona fellow bloggers site alice! thanks Alice!I cant remember it now so i will copy and paste it from Alices blog a bit later on for you all! her pictures look amzing! im quite excited cus ive never been skinny so i have no idea wot i will look like and just for a chance of a glimpse is too much to handle lol!

aww one thing i hate about going out on a satrday nyt is i waste sunday doing nothing feeling sorry formyself being hungover lol ive been on the computor for about 3 hours! then i intend on going for a nice hot bath and then going back to bed and im going to watch the first season of lipstick jungle! im soooooooooooo excited brought the other day from sainsburys! its from the makers of sex n the city so should be good cus i LOVE sex and the city ive got ALL the DVDS! lol!

OMG guess wot i pulled aswell! TWICE! ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i tell you i needed that confidence boost definately its done me wonders of good! hope u are all having a good day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Awh you pulled lol Always good ;)

    I'm engaged now so don't have that to look forward to Lol

    Sounds like you had a fab night.. You're looking great (",)

  2. You look fab in the photo!! and you said you never pull!! Lipstick Jungle is fab...I love it I watch it on living tv. Weight view is cool got my photo back last night, is on my blog so take a look :0)

  3. lol - nothing better than pulling and twice!!!

    you sound like you had a fantastic night out and look fantastic in the pics...

    qutie intrigued re teh 50lbs site ... sounds interesting!!

  4. Yay for you Laura!!!!!!!!!!! Well done on having a fantastic night, looking so fab and pulling twice - ooh I remember the days!!!!!! Please send me over some of your inspiration and fab spirit I am having a terrible time and could do with some lol!!!!

  5. ah thanks for your comment on my blog Laura you are very sweet, I know I can do this I lost 3 and a half stone on WW for my wedding nearly 8 years ago, it took me about 18 months to do it but I did it I was a svelt size 8 when my wedding day came, so like you say its just a case of getting into the routine of it 2009 is our year baby!!!!!!

  6. thats cool u pulled TWICE too thats greedy lol. it be a big confident booster for u. those were the days now am married am unable to do such things. you doing great well done xxx

  7. LOVE sex and the city also! I cried in the cinema watching the film- all the way bloody through though! Fab that you pulled as well, just more confidence is all you need so imagine when you're super slim and have sky high confidence?!!
    Alice ♥