Thursday, 8 January 2009


i am shattered! ive worked sooo hard today at work i deserve a big fat blue peter badge haha!
Cannot wait to get home! im going to have a lovely pamper tomorrow nyt ready for Saturday nights events! nothing beets a good pamper i must say!

oh my god the best news i had my first person at work notice my weight loss today it was sooo nice! he literally broadcasted amongst the office i was dead embarrased he was liek right laura im sorry but serioulsy how much weight have u lost you look fantastic!! (i neary cried to be honest!) so proud that someone has finally noticed YAY for meeeee he said he wanted to say sumthing all week but didnt want to cus he noes weight with a woman is a touchy subject! i said not if you think theyve lost it it isnt! ;)

WI tomorrow! am hoping for at least 1lb loss so i can get my third shiny silver seven! i have been very good this week so hopefully will get 1.5lbs off if i can!!

I am STARVING today im going to have wwatchers quiche, jacket wedges and salad tonight and im reli looking forward to it!! yummy yummy!!

oh my god aswell all of you need to buy the enrique best of album! ohhh i love it! im sucha cheeeeseball its great i had it blaring in my car today on the way to work.. and i intend on having it blaring on the way back!!

WEll over and out untill tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxx wish me luck for WI xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Well done on your NSV, is always nice when someone notices!

  2. Fingers crossed for your 3rd star, you're doing great!