Sunday, 25 January 2009

Being bold and brave

Hey all
well went out last nyt on the town ;P i did sumthing i can honeslty say i have not done in years... i wore a none black top! i never do this i dont know why i just feel black hides me better i spoze anyway with me achieving my 10% this week i thought i would treat myself so went shopping and brought this FAB PEACH top!! it was gawwwjus! and even better it was a size 16 from MISS FRIGGING SELFRIDGE! dead chuffed i really am... i wore it and even more so i had my arms on show becus it was sleevless so 2 things i braved...

Friends said i looked really nice and i had lots of lovly compliments and im very proud of myself i feel like ive turned a corner with the confidence thing!

ALSO had 2 kind of NSVS these week... earlier on in week this guy at work said to me my lipgloss was nice (he is gay lol) i sed thanks and then he said infact all ur makeup is lovly today pretty lady... (it was no different to how i always do it for work so thought this was a bit weird... a compliment never the less) then on friday another guy came up to me and sez...have you had your hair cut? i said no ...he looked puzzled... i said "why?" he said me and (other guy) have been saying u look really different this week and we cant for the life of us put our finger on what it is... (at this point i was kinda grinning from ear to ear lol) i said "oh i dont no wot it could be.. good different or bad different?" he says "GOOD!" i just said thankyou and scurried off....

*in conclusion i think it maybe the weight loss starting to show a bit more obvisouly now and ive lost alot of my face and only one person has noticed at work so far and ive nealry lost 2stone! so im going to take it as a compliment ;) *

Heres a piccy of me (right) in my peach top... u cant really see it but u can get the gist and i do feel like the weight has come off my face this month.


  1. OMG well done you, how great is it when people start to notice especially people who see you every day, imagine what someone who hadn't seen you for ages would say! And well done on the confidence issue, you should be so proud of yourself with how well you have done, and you look gorgeous in your piccie.

    Well done.


  2. Awwhh Its such a nice feeling isnt it?! I love when people look at you differently, like they maybe notice you more.. Its so good.. Who thought it would be so rewarding losing weight.. keep up the great work x

  3. Ps.. Im loving your non black top- you really suit the colour.. I find myself wearing black clothes- always feel more confident in black.. But you look lovely.. Might try with a splash of colour myself ;)

  4. Looking fab :)
    keep it up

    ps - Send me a "Day 4 Tracker"
    see my blog for details :)