Friday, 2 January 2009


im so so happy and proud of myself lost 1.5lbs this week taking me to 15.12!! and a total of -20lbs loss! im one little pound away from my third shiny silver seven!
ALthough i am snuggled up in bed with a stinky cold and i can only hope its not the flu comming! had an awful nights sleep so i rang in sick at work :( ! Im beginning to feel a little better fingers crossed! )

Yesterday i ate (am on 24 points now)

brekkie - special k and semi skimmed milk - 2.5p
2 satsumas - 0.5p

lunch - 2x peices of toast with flora - 4.5p

snacks - 1xapple - 0.5p
1x multi pack french fries - 1p

dinner - cheese salad sandwhich with low fat mayo - 8p
small piece of xmas cake - 4p

not bad 21/24 saved 3!


brekkie - special k and semi skimmed milk - 2.5p
one satsuma - 0.5

lunch - bernard matthews chicken on weight watchers bread,flora, salad and low fat mayo - 6.5p grapes - 0.5p

dinner - haha ahem... 2 slices of grilled bacon -3.5p a fried egg - 2.5p 2xtoast with flora - 3.5p and tinned tomatoes and i cant bllllloooooomin wait! just wat the doctor ordered!!

leaves with 4.5p to play with hmmm may save them so i can have a chinese tomorrow nyt! wahooo! im feeling a bit better too this evening which is a bonus! cant wait for eastenders and celebrity big brother! xxx

dont you ever wonder what figure youll have when you get to goal! its so exciting! oh i cannot wait!! xxxx

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  1. Well done. Nice loss, keep up the good work xx