Friday, 9 January 2009


oh man i am soo upset! on facebook i uploaded some pics to the secret *wwacthers group on there* and then made a comment saying somthing like this is me 15.12 in my size 16 river island shorst! only to realise that its come up on evryones profile! i thught it would be secret already had one firend comment on it! im sooo upset im not even kiddin wot the FK why the FK did i do that? now evryone is goin to no wot i weigh etc im so so embarrased... yea i no chances are ppl dont care cus the realityis they no im overwieght but they dont no exactly how much i weigh thats so embarrasing! ive deleted the photo so hopefully no one else will see it that hasnt already but god noes how many home pages its popped up on!i could literally cry im so upset! thing is we me and 2 girls mates stopped hanging round with our group of ppl about september time we kinda just drifted apart and things have been sed in the mean time which has made us kinda hate eachother now so i always wanted one day to walk past the old lot and be like hah look at me and now theyr all going to noin black and white how much i weigh well i bet they havea right field day with that great makes me feel like SH1T excuse my language apologies but u get my drift :(


  1. Oh, sweetie! I am so sorry to hear that happened! I understand how you must feel :(
    At least you realised very quickly and deleted the pics, no one can see them any more now.

    I know it's going to be hard to put it into perspective, but try and be proud of everything you have achieved so far and just think about what you'll feel like when you get to goal.

    Also, no one knows you didn't mean to post the pic. People will only make fun of you if they think they've discovered something they weren't supposed to know. By posting a picture of you stating your weight, you're projecting the image of a strong woman who is self-assured and not ashamed of who she is. No one needs to know you're dying inside...

    Chin up sweetie, in the grand scheme of things, it's just a little glitch (at least that's what I always tell myself when these things happen).

    Big hugs,

  2. Oh Laura you poor, poor thing, I can only imagine how you are feeling, like you I would be mortified but really try not to worry about it, who cares if they know your exact weight like you say they know you are overweight so its just a number and anyway if they are no longer friends you can stick 2 fingers up to them anyway, just keep thinking about what you have achieved so far and how much better you look and how great would be it be when you get to goal to post a picture up telling everyone you are 12st4lbs and a perfect size 12!!!!

    Keep your chin up chick, it will pass!


  3. Join my Fat4now Weight Loss Challenge Facebook group :) 140 of us (either WW or bloggers) All pics n stuff that posted on there are hidden from outside world :)

    Let me know what secret one is too :)