Wednesday, 14 January 2009


i am starrrrvin marrrrvvinnnn lol!! all the dudes at work have just gone and got sausagne sarnies oh my god i had to leave the room i want one SOOOO bad the smell is AMAZING nearly made me dribble lol!! haha! ive decided ill have one friday as a treat if i loose at WI! which i hope i do!

im of to the gym again tonight! loookin forwward to it! aw one of my best mates is goin away this weekend only leaves the 2 of us so it will be a nice weekend in for us i think... althought i REALLY want to go out and parrrtttaaaayyy again! it will have to wait...

boring update today..xx


  1. DON'T DO IT!!!!! Don't reward yourself with food! hahaha listen to me preaching to the converted! Well done for resisting! I am feeling fluey today so feeling pretty crap but have managed a 20 min walk and have stuck to my points so, so far so good!

    Enjoy gym, think of me laying on the sofa wrapped in blankets!!!


  2. Lol - put the sausage sarnie down!!!! Must admit I really want a bacon sandwich (might have to treat myself after weigh in on sat monring!!)

    Hope the gym went well - are you doing any classes or hitting the gym? Finding it hard to get motivated myself thsi week - so congrats on keeping it up!!!!