Monday, 5 January 2009


im so so annoyed! why why oh why do i have to be ILL in the new year it sucks majorly SUCKS all i want to do is get back to the gym and i cant ( im actually very impressed with myself for having withdrawel symptoms! its only been 5 days!!) i cant stop coffin my nose is thick and im freezin im so fed up!! have had to ring in sick AGAIN today which also sucks cus im so bored im going out my brain!!

I cant believe its snowing aswell!

plan for today:

brekkie: special k and semi skimmed milk 2.5p
one slice of hovis best of both with flora - 2p

lunch- chicken salad sarnie with low fat mayo - 5.5p

snacks - 1 satsuma -0.5p
1 apple - 0.5p
grapes - 1p

dinner - weight watchers mediteranean vegie pasta - 4p

snack: half a belgion bun = 3.5p

19.5/24 not bad! ;0) xxxx


  1. HI Laura

    Just a quick question, why do each such low points? What is your points allowance? Do you save your points to use at the weekend?

    Sorry just being concerned that you are not eating enough lol!!!


  2. hah yes i am allowed 24 but i save about 2 normally a day for a weekend takeaway i also go to the gym and save those points so i can go out and act like a 23yr old and get bladdered for one night! Ended up saving a bit more today becus im ill and not that hungry plus im not going to the gym this week becus of cold and coff!! have no fear i am just about to delve into the biscuit tin haha so i can add a further 2 points to my day so far xxx

  3. that's good sorry didn't want you to think I was preaching about the importance of eating all your points lol!!!!

    While i am on can I say that you are such an inspiration, you are doing so well and are being so positive it seems you are just taking it for granted that you will reach your goal this year and I love that! I am really struggling to get back on because I have been without a meeting for 3 weeks but am back on thursday which I can't wait for so that I can tackle this head on!

    Yay for you!