Wednesday, 7 January 2009

facebook and wednesday ramblings

wow have u seen how many ppl have joined the "secret group" " NYE challenge 2009 get to a size 12" it was 92 last time i lookd! its really good very motivating!!

ohhh who watched clare sweenys documentry last nyt? i thought it was quite good, very shocking actually at just how bad ppls health can get in a matter of 6 weeks she looked hurendous didnt she 10 inches on her waist in 6weeks! it would have been nice to see her loose that weight tho although i figured that was filmed in the summer and at the end it said she is still trying to get the last half a stone off which in turn means that must av taken her about 6 months to get the stone and half back off! which prooves how easy it is to put on and what hard work u dam well have to put in to get it off! im hoping wen i get to goal i will be fully trained mentally and physically as in i will have changed all my eating habbits and i will just know what to eat and how much and that you have to exercise to stay healthy!

Its not hard is it really there is no other solution but to eat healthy and exercise! god i wish id realised this sooner rather than waste all this time moaning about it! still wer on the road now guys and we will get there ;) yay im so so excited i keep dreaming about it dreaming about what i will look like at goal!

hope i loose 1lb this week then i will get my third shiny silver seven! WI is friday so fingers crossed i have been very good this week and saved points evrry day becus i havent been able to go to the gym! cant wait to go to the gym next weektho i desperatley want to try this running programme out!

on a different topic! skating on ice starts on sunday yay i cant wait JEREMY EDWARDS IS THE SEX haha xxxxx


  1. Started a Weight Loss challenge on Facebook and over 130 joined so far. Got ya blog whilst browsing the 5+ blogroll. Added you to links. gl gl for 2009 :)

  2. your positivity is infectious Laura!

    I saw the clare sweeney doc, it was shocking and she was so brave to do it because like you say it takes so long to get it off!

    Can't wait for your weigh in, hope its a good one!!


  3. aw thankyou hazel im trying haha stay focused bird think how gawjus we will be by end of year! ;0) whens your WI thursday?? xx

    Paul i dont understand wot u mean i am a bit ditzy? do u mean youve started a facebook challenge? what does "Added you to links. gl gl for 2009 :)" mean??? xxx

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  5. Hi Laura, I recorded the programme and have just watched it. God I was so shocked at how quite she put the weight on!
    Makes me more determind to keep the weight off now once I have got to goal.

    Hoope you're having a good week and I'll drop back in again. xox