Tuesday, 13 January 2009


well havnt been the gym for about 10 days actually due to flu type thing i had didnt want to risk it and make myself worse so tonight was the first nyt ive been as i sed in about 10 days... couldnt wait to get back to be honest bonus yay lol!!

Normally i do about 20-25 mins on cross trainer and do about 3.5-4miles(im obv more nakard some days lol) neway today i did 5 miles in 30 minutes! SOOOOOOOOOOO chuffed im dead proud of myself! defo gona start my running porgramme next week.. just guna get back into normal stuff i do first this week!

im so happy woohoo xxx


  1. HI Laura

    Thanx for your comment on my blog, who knows whats going on with me i am just being lazy and fed up about the whole thing so I need to take a leaf out of your book and stop moaning about it and feeling sorry for myself and start doing something about it!

    I am going to go and get the jeans tomorrow and eat my points and sort myself out.

    Chow for now oh and by the way good for you on the exercise you are an inspiration!


  2. OMG how on earth do you manage 30 minutes on the cross trainer?! I do 5 and I feel like I'm going to die! lol x