Tuesday, 6 January 2009

oh where for art tho diet coke man??

i mean serioulsy! wouldnt it fab if that really happend some hunk just appeared out of no where and opens your can for you haha... im in a good mood today lovlies! im feeling better too well slightly ive got my @ss into work today so im over the moon that i have got out of that rotten bed..!! ;) doing well with food today too heres my plan..

brekkie- special k and semi skimmed milk (2.5p
one slice of toast with flora - 2p

lunch- ham salad sarnie with low fat mayo - 6.5p

dinner- veggie soup - 2p
2x toast with flora - 1 normal - 2p
1 wwatchers - 1.5p

snacks - apple 0.5p
grapes - 1.p
other half of belgion bun 3.5p

total = 21.5/24 saves 2.5p v.good ;)

ohhh i cant wait for tv tonight! geek ;) i love holby city lots of nice men doctors haha im in the wrong line of work i should have been a nurse clearly!! and then theres that programme with clare sweeny on !! anyone else going to watch it? its a documentry where she puts on 2stone to show the effects of weight loss/weight gain! looks intersting!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY only 3 days til the weekend and i cant wait ;o) xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. oooh holby city - I'm with and make sure I sky + every week (best bit of getting back from holiday!!)

    mmmmmm now you've got me thinking about nice men.... they will all be swoooning over us when at goal!!!

    Congrats on the good day - I'm with, I'm feeling great actually sticking to something for once!!

  2. Am I right in thinking you have a thing for mayo lol?

    I'm gonna watch the Claire Sweeney programme too, though I've read on the boards that she only goes up to a size 12!! Boo bloody hoo!! lol x

  3. haha crakin ladies! yes i love mayo its loverly and im to boring and lazy to make anything other than a sandwich lol! i love mr burns on holby city oh he is fit and so is sam mmmmmm man its not fair!! well done for today ladies xx