Friday, 29 May 2009

BMI 28!

-2lbs this week baby :) well chuffed only 1.5 to get of before holiday and 2 weigh ins to go :)
im well happy :) brought my first size 14 jeans from new look aswell on monday :) and my best friend has dropped a dress size and now is a 12 so i sed oh can i try your size 14 shorts on.. and guess wot they FIT woo wooo so she have given me loads of her stuff now which is too big so im dead chuffed :) im so close to the 13s wooo wooo sorry im so happy lol!!

my goal was to be 12 stone 4 but ive upped it to 13 stone 4 just cus i wana see how i look wen i get to that point first before i carry on! i prob will carry on but ill see how i feel cus im feeling pretty fantastic at the moment..

its funny really i cant get over that im not really that "fat" anymore.. i still am like but 3 stone is a massive loss and i can really tell myself now.. infact even when i started my first picture on my profile in the cream and black dress.. that dress was a size 22 from dorthy perkins and last tym i tried a dress on in there i was a 16!! AMAZING :)

still a way to go yet tho lovlies :) life is good xxxx

Sunday, 24 May 2009

3 stone gone forever yay and pics advise needed

wahooooooooooooooo finally getting back on track now for the past three weeks av lost a steady 1lb a week.. seem to have fingers crossed got passed the plateau of staying the same practically for a month! im dead chuffed! ive now lost 43lbs!! 3stone 1lb woo wooo i now weigh 14.3 so i would like to loose 3lbs before my holiday in 3 weeks!! :)

i am now offically a size 14-16 with some 16s beinga bit big some14s still a bit tight.. althought everything i have for holiday is a 14 :) woowooo anyway

BIG Question!! i have brought 2 bikini tops.. wether or not i am brave enough to wear them and only them (as in no top over the top) is a different question! i am starting to feel a bit better about my stomach ..quite a bit better i wish it was more toned but it is getting flatter and smaller so ....

i have took some pictures of me in one of my bikini tops.. theyr not the best shots as was ina rush and didnt thinki would actually post them on here.. but i am going to (deep breaths) so i would like HONEST opinions.. should i go for it.. can i get away with it? i would wear it with shorts not bikini bottoms (pants) i aint that brave! ok so here you go... xxx

Only thing i hate really is i havnt got much of a shape im pretty much straight up and down! oh well u win some u loose some we cant all have gorgous hour glass figures can we! least i look more in proportion now than i did before with an enormous belly! least its shrinking!! slowly lol xx

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Back on track

Well im back on track at last! had a bit of a funny month April!! but im pleased to announce a 1lb loss! taking me to 40.5 lbs loss!! meaning i now only have 29.5 to loose!!
NO longer 70 60 50 40 30 but im in the 20ssssssssss woo woo!! only 1.5lbs now to go til im at 3 stone!! im aiming to do that in 2 weeks as time of the month this week otherwise would aim in 1 week!! only 6 weeks til my holidays too :) so im hoping at 14.5.5 i can be dead on 14 for holiday if not maybe a couple lbs into the 13s!!
i must say im getting compliments now thick and fast! its really lovely ive recently seen a few people i havent seen in a while and they have all been so shocked at the amount i have lost!

its funny really some days i look at myselfand i think god yes i have lost loads! and other days i feel like i havent lost anything at all but then i dig out my original picture from the start and cansee straight away the difference!

ROLL on 50lbs please! :) good luck lovlies xxxx