Friday, 29 May 2009

BMI 28!

-2lbs this week baby :) well chuffed only 1.5 to get of before holiday and 2 weigh ins to go :)
im well happy :) brought my first size 14 jeans from new look aswell on monday :) and my best friend has dropped a dress size and now is a 12 so i sed oh can i try your size 14 shorts on.. and guess wot they FIT woo wooo so she have given me loads of her stuff now which is too big so im dead chuffed :) im so close to the 13s wooo wooo sorry im so happy lol!!

my goal was to be 12 stone 4 but ive upped it to 13 stone 4 just cus i wana see how i look wen i get to that point first before i carry on! i prob will carry on but ill see how i feel cus im feeling pretty fantastic at the moment..

its funny really i cant get over that im not really that "fat" anymore.. i still am like but 3 stone is a massive loss and i can really tell myself now.. infact even when i started my first picture on my profile in the cream and black dress.. that dress was a size 22 from dorthy perkins and last tym i tried a dress on in there i was a 16!! AMAZING :)

still a way to go yet tho lovlies :) life is good xxxx


  1. Hiya! I've just come across your blog & am so impressed with how much you've lost. Its amazing & you look absolutely gorgeous now. Congratulations!!

    Hope you have a fab time in Malia & go for the bikinis! I would love to have a stomach like yours :) x

  2. Well done on getting to the 13s! You have done so well. Have an amazing holiday!!

    Kim x