Sunday, 24 May 2009

3 stone gone forever yay and pics advise needed

wahooooooooooooooo finally getting back on track now for the past three weeks av lost a steady 1lb a week.. seem to have fingers crossed got passed the plateau of staying the same practically for a month! im dead chuffed! ive now lost 43lbs!! 3stone 1lb woo wooo i now weigh 14.3 so i would like to loose 3lbs before my holiday in 3 weeks!! :)

i am now offically a size 14-16 with some 16s beinga bit big some14s still a bit tight.. althought everything i have for holiday is a 14 :) woowooo anyway

BIG Question!! i have brought 2 bikini tops.. wether or not i am brave enough to wear them and only them (as in no top over the top) is a different question! i am starting to feel a bit better about my stomach ..quite a bit better i wish it was more toned but it is getting flatter and smaller so ....

i have took some pictures of me in one of my bikini tops.. theyr not the best shots as was ina rush and didnt thinki would actually post them on here.. but i am going to (deep breaths) so i would like HONEST opinions.. should i go for it.. can i get away with it? i would wear it with shorts not bikini bottoms (pants) i aint that brave! ok so here you go... xxx

Only thing i hate really is i havnt got much of a shape im pretty much straight up and down! oh well u win some u loose some we cant all have gorgous hour glass figures can we! least i look more in proportion now than i did before with an enormous belly! least its shrinking!! slowly lol xx


  1. heyy! ive missed your posts lol. ERRR about the bikini top HELL YES you can wear it....honestly chic you look fab!....I hope i look like you as we a similar in weight and height i think.

    Id wear a full bikini if I looked like you, never mind the shorts. Let me know what you decide x x x

  2. bikini shots are fine hun, go for it and be brave!!!!

  3. Wahay your back where u been girlie!!! You look great you have lots loads of weight so you must flaunt it on the lol. I SAY GO FOR IT , U LOOK FINE - Have a great time hun, Chanel xx

  4. you go for it girl! YOu have an amazing figure!! xx