Friday, 27 March 2009

WI wk 22

lost 1.5 YAY im now only a lb off my BMI being 29! god thats scarey 29 is nearly healthy lol!! who would have thought it.. well its not quite there yet lol..
Had some nice NSVS this week which has cheered me up considering ive been down..
got told by one guy at work "you look like youve lost a load of weight lau" i said i have lol!
second guy today i am wearing my new MISS SELFRIDGE skinny jeans and balck tshirt boots and a mocha colour long cardi.. says to me" you looks stunning he was like really amazing this week laura if i wasnt getting married.. lolol" cheeeeeeky :P
so that made me smile anywhoo one of the girls at work is so lovly shes the only one that new wot i weighed to start and wot i weigh now etc.. infact she is the only one that knows my weight at all even my best freinds dont no and i swore i wouldnt tell them until im at goall then ill reveal my blog to them lol.. anyway jabbering on ...she says i look slim and each week even more so.. how lovley.. :)
i brought a gym ball and weights aswell yesertday becus i need to start toning igo to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but i only do cardio and for some reason i wont and cant get motivated to do sit ups etc so i figure if its at home i can just do it whilst watchin tv.. worked already did it last nyt and im in agony today lol!
ive decided this is going to be my main priority toning for the moment.. im still going to the gym and obv doin wweightwatchers but i really want to see an improvement on the tops of my arms and my belly by my holiday which is 11 weeks away so i should do hopefully by then.. im scared to death ill have saggy skin otherwise.. so here goes :) woman on amission to be a goddess by xmas lol xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

a really bad week emotionally

i cannot stop crying this week.. my god im not even kidding.. i need a good slap.. i dont no wots worng with me.. well i do its men.. but i cant physically go thru it all in my head again so briefly..

met a guy who seemed really quite amazing in a nut shell sed he liked me etc etc things couldnt be better.. he starts going funny.. turns out.. he was a complusive liar.. making out hes Fked up in the head and so doesnt want to speak to anyone becus hes unstable and needs to sort his life out... ok i sed to myself i can deal with this... then i find out hes in a relationship and then wen i ask why he didnt just tell me.. i get.. becuase i didnt want to be an @rsehole becuase i really like you!!

WTF!!! i feel sick.. i cant sleep i cant eat i cant do anything i feel drained.. and i hardly even new him for that long but for someone to physically be able to lie that much makes me sick.. im so upset.. i dont no wot to do with myself.. read his texts over and over his mails over and over.. managed to delete evrthing apart form his number.. i sent hima tex saying well u obv havtn got the decency to explain any further.. i cant be bothered i cant be ur friend becus i like u too much and uve hurt me too much so take care.. wot i really want to do is scream and shout and ask WHY! why lie wohy would u do that! god i really feel rubbish

how can someone have the balls to do that to someone really?! ive never felt so STUPID in my entire life..

Friday, 20 March 2009


helloooooo im sooo over the mooon nothing can touch me lol!

lost 2lbs this week meaning i am half way throughhhh YAY!! lost 35.5lbs with only 34.5lbs to go!!

got my 5th silver seven!!

This means i am now 14stone10.5lbs.. so 2.5lbs til my next BMI drop (which will be 29 OMFG!)

and 6.5lbs to go to 3 stone!! wooo wooo wooo

heres another pic i took yesterday of me in my work clothes.. bit far away.. sorry about that mom has trouble working digital things lol xxxxx


Sunday, 15 March 2009

picture time

Hello well as i am nearing the half way mark now hoping and evrything crossed i can get it this week :) i thought i would just put a couple of pics up... one from the start and one from last nyt before i went out :) ... dead chuffed this week i brought a right cute coat and its not black! its actually blue (see bottom picture) a massive achievement for me as i love black! wahoooo im now a size 16 in everything too so im realy really happy... weight loss is comming along nicely and i cannot wait until GOAL im so excted to see wot i would like !!

ohhh i spoke to a psycik last night too... ever so exciting.. my best freinds fellas aunty ive been wanting my tarot cards done for ages i have had them done once before about 3 years ago and i really wanted them doing again but its ever so hard to find someon legitimet! anyway debbie her name is and she doesnt do tarots she can just pick up things from your voice! how amazing! i spoke to her over the phone so she didnt tell me too much she cant get into much detail over the phone.. its better face to face so wer going to meet up with her soon for a proper reading :) excited!! soo she told me ... everything in my life is going well.. this year is a good year... i have lots of admirers... she sed 4 in total (haha yea right!) the one that she sed sticks out has light blue eyes and is quite shy... (WAHOOOO although obv i have no idea who this is lol) and secondly she sed she could see that i should come into some money she said a payrise... (but i am at risk to be made redundant from work so hmmm??) thats it! but how exciting lol! thought id write it on here so we can see if any of it comes true..! anyways im off to lie down as i am seriously hungover today lol... let me know your views on the pics if you can see a difference etc... xxx

me at the start weighing 17stone4lbs!

ME now... 2stone 6lbs loss...nearly half way through weighing 14stone12lbs...(1lb to go til half way)....(excuse all the rubbish in this pic mums clothes horse!lol)

Friday, 13 March 2009

WI WK 20 - my first no loss :(


cant believe i am gutted but not at the same time lol..

ive manged to loose evry week so far since i started i no thats a MASSIVE achievements 19 weeks with no gain is brilliant i know but i think the longer it carried on the more i wanted to go the whole journey always loosing but really thats unrealistic!

This week i know i have been bad i know it! as previous post states i went to London with my dad and i tell you what i had a great time... i got back on tuesday and sneek peeked on weds to see the damage was 1lb on! so i new i wouldnt loose that in 2 days but i hoped for a stay the same which is what i got so i am pleased with that! i was VERY good weds and thurs and went to the gym every day this week so i am pleased i got a STS.... plus this is good practise for me for my girly holiday in June cus i know i will put on then... its totally unrealsitic for me to think otherwise for a start ill be dirnking tons of cocktails and thats points all adding up... i will try and be as healthy as i can wen away food wise that shouldnt be too hard its the alcohol wen im there but im going to enjoy myself and not worry about wwatchers for that week!

SO in conclusion this is good becus it allows me to see what i will feel like wen i come back in june and see ive put half a stone on lol!

i feel bad like ive let myself down but proud becus ive got that 1lb off and stayed the same and also determined to be extra good this week so things can only get better! :) xxxxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Hi all

WOWEE just got back from London.. oh my god wat an amazing place it truely is i am so upset to be back i wish we could have stayed longer.. the phantom was magical absolutly breath taking and worth every penny my dad LOVED it im dead chuffed just gutted its all over as i sed such a shame...

ATE a bit naughty yesterday tho :( slap on hand for me... i ended up having a pizza from the travel lodge i have no idea how many points that would have been... stone baked 10.5 inches ham and pinapple... guessed about 12 as there wernt much topping so not much cheese ..pretty basic?? BUT we did walk for 4 hours - dad reckons we did about 12 miles so i added my bonus points for that worked out at about 11 BPS! so should be ok...

HOWEVER lol it gets worse... i had a full english this morning... well i had... 2 sausages (cudnot resisit) a table spoon of scrambles egg--2 tablespoons of beans... tinned tomatoes.. mushrooms and one piece of brown toast so again i spoze it could be worse really! walked another hour today before we came home and then went to the gym wen i got back so earnt some more BPS so im praying ive done enuf to stay on track!
im absolutly shattered tho i must admit cant wait to crawl into bed...

righto i have had a few requests for a pics but unfortunatly i never remember to take long ones so this is the closest ive got at the moment... below is me.. u cant really see but my coat is actually very big on me... not a very good picture...

the one below that is of me and my daddy :) i love him and i love the pic its cute.. u can see i have lost some off my face on the second pic... i will try honeslty over the next couple of weeks to take a full length one for you imgoing to wait til i have lost 2.5stone exactly as then i am half way so i will post a before and after... xxxx

Friday, 6 March 2009


i couldnt be happier... i lost 2.5lbs!! i dont no how this week! im sooo soo happy i swear to god im now in the 14s...14.12.5 to be precise! how foooooooooking fantastic!

that means i now have 1.5lbs to loose to my 5th silver 7 and the half way mark

8.5lbs to my next stone which i wanted off by my holiday 14th june which is 14 weeks away so hopefully ill smash that target...

god sumtimes i have to pinch myself im so happy and cant believe i have stuck to this for 19 whole weeks and lost 33.5lbs FOREVER .. god wat a relief!

taking my dad to london on monday for his 50th birthday wer going to stay in Covent Garden and im tkaing him to see phantom of the opera at the theatre sumthing hes always wanted to do... so i have to try n be good whilst away no fry up or anything i may have beans on toast as treat but thats it....

good luck lovlies and thankyou so much for all the support... xxxx