Friday, 9 January 2009

WI - ;o)

Hellooooooooo gaaaawwwjus ppl... im feeling a abit better now after this mornings mishap i realised there is nothing i can do so ill just have to deal with it and like one lovely lady commented ppl are only interested in things they think "they shouldnt know" so unless i say oh no and make a massive fuss ppl will prob think ive posted the pic intentially on there... i hope... anyway

WI i lost 2lbs baby YEAAAAAAAAAAA wohoooooooooo
meaning i have lost 22lbs to date and got 48lbs to go...
also got my THIRD silver seven ;)
And im 3lbs away from my 10% which i hope to achieve by the end of JAN!

SO im kinda happier now! plus its friday and i love that friday feeeling woohoooo im going to treat myself to a chinese tonight suprise suprise and i cant wait im also going to have a lovly pamper and a long hot soak and get exctied to go out tomorrow nyt and STRUT my stuff andhopefully pull a lovly man! haha i never pull but i can try ;) xxxxxxxxx


  1. So glad to see you're feeling better! Good on you :)
    And congratulations with your loss and your extra silver 7!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Woohoo for another silver seven! :-)
    Alice ♥

  3. Well done hun that's fantastic!! You're doing so so well! Add me on facebook btw if you like - I'm Claire Smallwood and in my pic I'm dressed up as a nurse ha ha x

  4. Oh my god congratulations! I hope you have a great night tonight, and I also hope that when you get to goal you are going to get yourself in the WW magazine - yours is a great story!!!