Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sat 3rd.

Heylo well im still ill boooooooooooo its such a nice day outside too and i really want to go to the gym but it will just make my coff worse im so upset! ive found a plan to follow to start running and im dead excited to start it!! hopefully will be better by next week at the latest!

So far just had brekkie - special k and semi skimmed milk - 2.5p

I want a chinese tonight i normally have a beef curry and boiled rice but its hard to point i go by noreen blackettes site whcih says 9.5p for the whole portion of beef curry ( i secretly doubt thats right) and 6.5p for the whole boiled rice (hmmmm) but ive had one every week since ive started so it must be kinda right!... i do miss pizza tho i could eat a nice ham and pinapple pizza from pizza hut yum yum but its just not worth it id only be able to have about 3 slices and i want far more than that so i dont bother lol! i am going to have to find something new to try tho soon tho beef curry and boiled rice is wearing a bit thin.... any ideas? ive never tried chow mein so unsure if id like it??

moving on i decided to measure myself today and i was dead chuffed.. got the old tape measure out and measured all over e.g. waist, hips, thighs, arms etc and ive lost a grand total of 13.5 inches in 10 weeks! now THAT is DEFO something to be proud of! the gym is defo working!

hmm wot to do today wot to do... think well put the crimbo decorations today how sad ... cant believe its all over :( xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. that is fantastic news on both the loss yesterday at wiegh in but alos the inches - a big congrats!!

    hope the chinese selection has been resolved - I love black bean sauce options myself - a chow mein is much less points but all comes in one container - though I guess that way you could maybe have a starter or their soup (yum!).. mmm hungry now!