Sunday, 1 February 2009


here we come!!! im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! i cannot wait!
JUNE 14th for one week me and my 2 best girl mates! i cannot WAIT! (18-30s!!)
that is 19 Wweigh ins to go!!

SO i am currenlty 15.5.5 and pretty much a sze 16 in everything ..
My aim is to be 14.4 by then if i can...
thats 15.5lbs in 19weeks! totally doable and very realistic... if i could get it to bang on 14stone would be over the mooon but im going to say 14.4 becus that will mean at that point i will be past half way and have lost 3stone! with only 2stone to go...a MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT!...

as a small incentive i brought 2 cheap summer dresses from primark today only 3 quid each for the holiday in a size 14 im hoping ill be pretty much in 14 in everything by then..!!

I cant wait and im glad ive set myself another little goal now too YAY! xxx

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  1. Wahey, Look Out Malia!! Good luck, you'll be looking and feeling fantastic by the time your hol gets here!