Thursday, 5 February 2009

clothes to shop or not to shop....

hmmm after reading a fellow bloggers comment about clothes shopping its made me stop in my tracks,... DAMMIT!
ive realised in teh past 3 months i have been doin wwatchers i started off so well it was until i had lost a bout a stone that i started to buy new clothes... before that i refused and only brought shoes and handbags lol... then once i hit the one stone mark ive brougth loads and its such a waste of money im rather disappointed in myself..
im now nearing the 2 stone loss mark (1.5lsb to go and if i want to achieve that by next week)
ive brought.. 4 going out tops...5 casual tops and a cardi!! thats STUPID! im not going to fit in them by summer! oh mannnn!!

SO i have enough things now to keep me going if anyhting i need some new bottoms.. i have treid to make everything else last as much as i can so as to not waste money.. but im down to one pair of combaats that practially fall off... my going out shorts are just as bad but i dont wana waste any more money!

SO in conclusion i have made a conscious descision that i am not going to buy any more clothes until i have lost 8.5lbs which will take me to 2 and half stone loss exactly...
but i may buy some new going out shorst that is it though! cus i want to have a big spend before my holiday and buy some nice holiday clothes! so if you see me write on here that i have been shopping or am going shopping please kindly remind me i am not allowed anymore CLOTHES!!

thanks lol xxxxxxxx

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