Friday, 27 February 2009

WI week 18

ellooooo lovlies....

lost 1lb this week...

happy with that...

considering i have felt like eating everything in site this week with it being TOTM too... im not impressed this is the first time in wwacthers i have felt starving all week and i have no idea why? i was thinking about it and do u think it could be that my metabolism has sped up now so im burning thinsg off quicker??
i dont know so this week im going to have to make up some low point things to see me thru incase it happens again... maybe it was just TOTM... weird !

anyway 1lb off i am pleased with! im now 1lb off the 14s! i can smmmmmmeeeelllll them hehe so im going to honeslty try myhardest this week and go to the gym and try n do a bit extra than normal cus i wantto be in the 14s soooo bad i cant wait!

plus now i have officially lost 31lbs and have 39lbs to go...39 sounds like nothing... cant believe its no longer 70 or 60 or 50 or 40 its 39!! music to my ears lol!!

have a good weekend xxxxx


  1. Well done on your loss. I find that some weeks I am hungrier then others, it could be that it's totm though which can also effect hunger and cravings. Fingers crossed that u reach the 14's next week :0)

  2. Well done! I am constantly thinking about food lol. I wake up with a smile because I know its breakfast time and the start of a new day to eat 24points again LOL.

  3. Well done Laura, you are so amazing!!!! Your hunger was defo down to TOTM, I haven't been hungry at all since I started properly again until last Tuesday which was down to that!

    Keep going girl I want to see those 14s next week!