Friday, 6 March 2009


i couldnt be happier... i lost 2.5lbs!! i dont no how this week! im sooo soo happy i swear to god im now in the 14s...14.12.5 to be precise! how foooooooooking fantastic!

that means i now have 1.5lbs to loose to my 5th silver 7 and the half way mark

8.5lbs to my next stone which i wanted off by my holiday 14th june which is 14 weeks away so hopefully ill smash that target...

god sumtimes i have to pinch myself im so happy and cant believe i have stuck to this for 19 whole weeks and lost 33.5lbs FOREVER .. god wat a relief!

taking my dad to london on monday for his 50th birthday wer going to stay in Covent Garden and im tkaing him to see phantom of the opera at the theatre sumthing hes always wanted to do... so i have to try n be good whilst away no fry up or anything i may have beans on toast as treat but thats it....

good luck lovlies and thankyou so much for all the support... xxxx


  1. WOOHOO Laura, Well done i'm well happy for you, you are doing great. Enjoy London my home Town, Phantom is excellent you will both really enjoy it, Chanel xx

  2. Laura you are just a miracle worker! Well done for doing so fantastically, you will be a skinny minny before you know it!!!!


  3. by the way i think its about time we saw some new photos!!!

  4. Well done hun, you're doing really well! What are you eating? xx

  5. Phantom is a lovely musical - hope you have/had fun!

  6. Hi Laura, I am just chuckling at your post to me, you are far too wise for your age and here's me 33 having done WW for 10 years and I STILL react like that! Your advice is spot on and you are absolutely right, my downfall is exercise I HATE it, if I could go to a gym and do the treadmill 3 times a week I love it but anything else I hate, i could probably fit the treadmill in but alas I have no funds for it, maybe I should look on ebay for a cheap treadmill!

    Anyway thanks sweetheart for my talking to, no wonder you are doing so well with such a positive attitude!

    Much love