Friday, 13 February 2009

WI WK 16 :)

happy me.... YAY -1.lbs today! taking me to 28.5lbs in total and past my 2 stone mark!! at LAST!
got my 4th silver 7!! and am now nearly half way along my journey! i couldnt be happier!!
ive done good this week i weighed in technically at 15.3.4 so techincally it was 1.25lbs lol! but i rounded it up anywhoo...

so my next mini goals are:

  • 1.5lbs to my next BMI drop being 30 (15.2)... I want this by the end of FEB (2 WI's to go)

  • 6.5lbs to my half way point taking me to 35lbs in total ALSO my 5th silver 7 (14.11).... I want this by the end of MARCH (6 WI's to go)

  • 9.5lbs to go until my BMI changes to 29 which puts me in the "generally considered overweight" category (14.8) ... i want this End of April (10 WI's to go)

  • 13.5lbs to go to my 6th silver 7... 3stones total .... i would then weigh 14.4lbs.. i want this by my holiday 14th JUNE... (17 WI's to go)

  • 15.5lbs to go until my BMI drops to 28 .....(14.2).....

  • 17.5lbs to go until my 20 percent

ohhh im glad i wrote those down :) put me in a really motivating mood!! good look lovlies we will be skinny by xmas :) xxxxx


  1. WOW Laura 2 stone & 4 silver 7's fantastic!!!!! Hope I reach there one day :0) You are doing great!!!!!

  2. Well done Laura, I haven't been on here for ages as I have given up on my blog so I am so happy to see that you are still doing well! Well done on your 4th silver seven!

    Keep it up girl!!!!