Friday, 20 February 2009

30lbs gone forever YAY

wahey week 17 and i lost 1.5lbs! LOVING IT officially 30lbs down now and 40lbs to go!!
ive done my first target on my previous post which was
  • 1.5lbs to my next BMI drop being 30 (15.2)... I want this by the end of FEB (2 WI's to go)

YAY im now 15.2 sooooo close to the 14s i can smell it... im going to try and put some pictures on of me over the weekend to compare how far ive come from the start 30lbs im hoping you can tell a difference lol!!

MY BMI IS 30 aswell im over the blinkin mooooon!! this means i am nearly in the "generally considered overweight" category which is FAB!

im off shopping tomorrow... i no i sed wasnt going to buy any more clothes but i literally am going to have to... friday is dress down day at work and i have spent the last hour tryng on everything i have for the bottom half and i only have one pair of combats that are huge but i can just about get away with and some skinny jeans that i brought after id lost my first stone... nothing else fits!! so im going to buy 2 items of clothing for the bottom half tomorrow... no new tops or anything just bottoms cus im desperate! xxxxx


  1. You are steaming ahead missy!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you, you sound so great!!!!

    Good luck for another good week!


  2. Laura can you help me? I need a ticker on my blog but don't know how to do it and how do you upload photos?


  3. just sset up my ticker but don't know how to put it on here help!

  4. Hi. I love ur blog. We have similar stats im 15st 5ft 10inch...i live in 22...ive booked a holiday to Ayia Napa for July lol...want to be a size 10 by then.

    Do you want to be buddies? my blog is

  5. thanx for your messages Laura, I will give the ticker a go later.