Friday, 13 March 2009

WI WK 20 - my first no loss :(


cant believe i am gutted but not at the same time lol..

ive manged to loose evry week so far since i started i no thats a MASSIVE achievements 19 weeks with no gain is brilliant i know but i think the longer it carried on the more i wanted to go the whole journey always loosing but really thats unrealistic!

This week i know i have been bad i know it! as previous post states i went to London with my dad and i tell you what i had a great time... i got back on tuesday and sneek peeked on weds to see the damage was 1lb on! so i new i wouldnt loose that in 2 days but i hoped for a stay the same which is what i got so i am pleased with that! i was VERY good weds and thurs and went to the gym every day this week so i am pleased i got a STS.... plus this is good practise for me for my girly holiday in June cus i know i will put on then... its totally unrealsitic for me to think otherwise for a start ill be dirnking tons of cocktails and thats points all adding up... i will try and be as healthy as i can wen away food wise that shouldnt be too hard its the alcohol wen im there but im going to enjoy myself and not worry about wwatchers for that week!

SO in conclusion this is good becus it allows me to see what i will feel like wen i come back in june and see ive put half a stone on lol!

i feel bad like ive let myself down but proud becus ive got that 1lb off and stayed the same and also determined to be extra good this week so things can only get better! :) xxxxx

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  1. Don't feel like u have let yourself down, 19 weeks with losses every wi is fab and is not a let down!!! I'm glad you enjoyed London and I am sure you will have a fab loss next week. Chanel xx