Friday, 27 March 2009

WI wk 22

lost 1.5 YAY im now only a lb off my BMI being 29! god thats scarey 29 is nearly healthy lol!! who would have thought it.. well its not quite there yet lol..
Had some nice NSVS this week which has cheered me up considering ive been down..
got told by one guy at work "you look like youve lost a load of weight lau" i said i have lol!
second guy today i am wearing my new MISS SELFRIDGE skinny jeans and balck tshirt boots and a mocha colour long cardi.. says to me" you looks stunning he was like really amazing this week laura if i wasnt getting married.. lolol" cheeeeeeky :P
so that made me smile anywhoo one of the girls at work is so lovly shes the only one that new wot i weighed to start and wot i weigh now etc.. infact she is the only one that knows my weight at all even my best freinds dont no and i swore i wouldnt tell them until im at goall then ill reveal my blog to them lol.. anyway jabbering on ...she says i look slim and each week even more so.. how lovley.. :)
i brought a gym ball and weights aswell yesertday becus i need to start toning igo to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but i only do cardio and for some reason i wont and cant get motivated to do sit ups etc so i figure if its at home i can just do it whilst watchin tv.. worked already did it last nyt and im in agony today lol!
ive decided this is going to be my main priority toning for the moment.. im still going to the gym and obv doin wweightwatchers but i really want to see an improvement on the tops of my arms and my belly by my holiday which is 11 weeks away so i should do hopefully by then.. im scared to death ill have saggy skin otherwise.. so here goes :) woman on amission to be a goddess by xmas lol xxx


  1. Wow, well done, you've had such a great loss so far and some great comments as well. Godd luck with the new exercise programme. I try to go to the gym everynight and do 200 crunches everymorning (I do these at home as I dont like doing them at the gym lol)Once you get into the habit it's well easy - just get up 10 mins early and do it in the morning then it's done and you dont have to think about it. That way ehn you loose all the weight you'll have a gorgeous toned tummy underneath.
    Good luck chick

  2. Well done on your loss. and good luck with the gym, I love the gym has worked wonders for me especially with the toning up and inch loss. Body Pump is a really good class for toning the arms and other areas. Good luck Chanel xx

  3. Well done Laura, another great week! And congrats on all the NSV's!