Sunday, 15 March 2009

picture time

Hello well as i am nearing the half way mark now hoping and evrything crossed i can get it this week :) i thought i would just put a couple of pics up... one from the start and one from last nyt before i went out :) ... dead chuffed this week i brought a right cute coat and its not black! its actually blue (see bottom picture) a massive achievement for me as i love black! wahoooo im now a size 16 in everything too so im realy really happy... weight loss is comming along nicely and i cannot wait until GOAL im so excted to see wot i would like !!

ohhh i spoke to a psycik last night too... ever so exciting.. my best freinds fellas aunty ive been wanting my tarot cards done for ages i have had them done once before about 3 years ago and i really wanted them doing again but its ever so hard to find someon legitimet! anyway debbie her name is and she doesnt do tarots she can just pick up things from your voice! how amazing! i spoke to her over the phone so she didnt tell me too much she cant get into much detail over the phone.. its better face to face so wer going to meet up with her soon for a proper reading :) excited!! soo she told me ... everything in my life is going well.. this year is a good year... i have lots of admirers... she sed 4 in total (haha yea right!) the one that she sed sticks out has light blue eyes and is quite shy... (WAHOOOO although obv i have no idea who this is lol) and secondly she sed she could see that i should come into some money she said a payrise... (but i am at risk to be made redundant from work so hmmm??) thats it! but how exciting lol! thought id write it on here so we can see if any of it comes true..! anyways im off to lie down as i am seriously hungover today lol... let me know your views on the pics if you can see a difference etc... xxx

me at the start weighing 17stone4lbs!

ME now... 2stone 6lbs loss...nearly half way through weighing 14stone12lbs...(1lb to go til half way)....(excuse all the rubbish in this pic mums clothes horse!lol)


  1. WOW Laura u look fantastic, U can really see the difference between the two photos. I love your outfit in the 2nd pic, looking good girl!!! Cx

  2. Wow you are looooking gooooood! A fab loss so far and it really shows! Keep up the good work xx

  3. WOW!!!!!!! You look totally amazing, what a huge difference there is in your photos, you must feel so great! Keep it up girl, you are my inspiration after all!