Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Hi all

WOWEE just got back from London.. oh my god wat an amazing place it truely is i am so upset to be back i wish we could have stayed longer.. the phantom was magical absolutly breath taking and worth every penny my dad LOVED it im dead chuffed just gutted its all over as i sed such a shame...

ATE a bit naughty yesterday tho :( slap on hand for me... i ended up having a pizza from the travel lodge i have no idea how many points that would have been... stone baked 10.5 inches ham and pinapple... guessed about 12 as there wernt much topping so not much cheese ..pretty basic?? BUT we did walk for 4 hours - dad reckons we did about 12 miles so i added my bonus points for that worked out at about 11 BPS! so should be ok...

HOWEVER lol it gets worse... i had a full english this morning... well i had... 2 sausages (cudnot resisit) a table spoon of scrambles egg--2 tablespoons of beans... tinned tomatoes.. mushrooms and one piece of brown toast so again i spoze it could be worse really! walked another hour today before we came home and then went to the gym wen i got back so earnt some more BPS so im praying ive done enuf to stay on track!
im absolutly shattered tho i must admit cant wait to crawl into bed...

righto i have had a few requests for a pics but unfortunatly i never remember to take long ones so this is the closest ive got at the moment... below is me.. u cant really see but my coat is actually very big on me... not a very good picture...

the one below that is of me and my daddy :) i love him and i love the pic its cute.. u can see i have lost some off my face on the second pic... i will try honeslty over the next couple of weeks to take a full length one for you imgoing to wait til i have lost 2.5stone exactly as then i am half way so i will post a before and after... xxxx

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  1. Hi Laura, looking good girly!!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed London I only live a half hour train journey away so get there when i can, my sister lives in Peckham so I try and stay as often as possible.

    Still loving your attitude!!!