Sunday, 12 July 2009

pictures :) and 1lb away from 50lb loss!!

heylo lovlies... im feelin much better... i think im back n track! i lost 2lbs this week takin me to 49lbs loss!! which means im 1lb away from 50!!! i cant believe it how fantastic is that! im so proud of myself i definalty think my goal of 5 stone loss by xmas is achieveable. ive now lost 3 and half stone .. only 21lbs to go! my BMI will be 26 when i loose another 2lbs too! god im so excited. Im gettin so many compliments now its lovely and im really beginning to see it myself. i am now a comfortable size 14 in most shops. i have one random size 12 top! but it blatently comes up big lol so im not reading into that lol! but i own a size 12 top woooooo !! :) i actually told my friends aswell what i weigh. i did originally say i woulnt until i was at goal but hey they are my best freinds and have been so supportive of me they deserved to know and i felt so proud wen i told them . They assured me i nevr looked 17 stone but i no i did. its crazy to think that now. Last night when i went out i wore this waist belt with my dress.. anyway it just goes to show.. i had to put an extra wholes right to the end when i first brought it because it didnt fit. I now wear it on the second whole from the end showing how man inches ive lost from my wasit. i think im beginning to get more of a curvier shape now too which is what ive longed for becuase i think im very straight up and down and i hate that id give anything to have an hour glass figure its so womanly and beutiful but you cant change your figure lol! i can dream... anyway here is a before picture and an up to date picture at my current weight . What do you think?? xxxxx

Me in my size 22 dress at 17 stone 4lbs..

me at 17 stone 4lbs again

Me last week 13 stone 13 in my size 14 dress

Me again in my size 14 dress
13 stone 13.



  1. thats lovely, you look amazing. I wish i could wear that dress but i dont thik i ever will be able to because my legs are horrible. I sort loose weight from my upper body and my legs are still fat in my eyes. your look fab i have dreaded cellulite and big knees...horrid visual ey lol!!!!

  2. You've done so well. You're looking amazing. Good luck on reaching your 50lbs off next WI. I'm 1.5lbs away from mine..... it's exciting!! LOL x