Monday, 27 July 2009

still at 49 lbs

still at 49lbs urgghhhhh!!
so depressing had 2 weeks at a stay the same! tell you what the final stone and a bit is defo the hardest to shift i tend to have a pattern now of loosing 1 or 2lbs then sts for 1 or 2 weeks, its taking alot longer. i feel awwwful this week just becuase its TOTM i so bloated :( ...
im really fed up too still. made a consciotuios descion to start looking at flats to rent i mite move out soon if can afford it really neeed my own space. Just need to make sure im safe in my job first before i do anything hasty as that is on the rocks. so a new job is on the horizon but theres just nothing out there.... i really wish id of stuck with college because now more than anything in the world i want to become a teacher! im going to look into the possible courses and that that i could go into because i really want to do it. i know it will take me probably 5 years or so to complete but im only 23 so even if it is late 20s thats not that old and your never to old to learn. i just want a proper career to wake up evry monring and look forward to going into work.. i miss that feeling.,
onwards and upwards


  1. hello...what do you work as now? A possible route for u into teaching is to do a childcare course at college and then go straight to uni to do teaching. I did the BTEC in Early Years (2years) was going to go into teaching but i chose social work instead however i can still go back to uni at any time to do a years teaching qualification. Dont worry about the time im in my last year at uni now and honestly it went veryyyyyy quickly. x x x

  2. Hi.. I hear you on the staying on at college bit!! Im 25, & would really love to be a teacher.. I did an access course last year which means I can apply to uni now but I dont know if I have it in me to dedicate the time with study etc.. I so wish I had have done it when i was in school.. lesson to all teens out there wanting to leave!! xx

  3. Hi Laura

    Sorry I have been out of touch for so long, congratulations on your phenominal weight loss, what an achievement and you look great in your size 14 dress! Well done you! The last bit is always the hardest, just stick with it and it will go soon enough!


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