Saturday, 25 April 2009


sorry everyone i havent been on here for the past 2 weeks..
i seem to have lost my way a bit and i dont know why.. managed a stay the same after my bank holiday binge which i was dead chuffed with considering all the rubbish i ate..

this week lost a lb! so i am happy with that too i just kinda feel like for the first time since ive been doing this i havent really got anywhere this month..weird???

ive met a guy too so i think this is my problem my mind seems to be elsewhere now and that not wat i want.. plus sorry to share this with you i went to the doctors begininning of the month to get the pill .. i have never ever been on the pill before so didnt really no wot to expect and MY GOD i could eat a bl00min horse!!! im starving all the time its terrible id hurd rumours about u puttin on weight being onit and i did think oh thats ppl who just need an excuse to eat really but no no it makes u starving! now im 3 weeks into it the pangs are subsiding which prob helped towards my lb loss this week! im determined to stay on track...

Ryt i go on holiday in 7 weeks... 7 weigh ins.. i wanted to have lost 3 stone by then and i now weigh 14.6.5lbs so im 2.5lbs of 3 stone so my aim is to shift that 6.5lbs and be 14stone bang on for holiday.. if i can get into the 13s that would be fabulous! so i am now firmly back on track and im not getting side tracked either for these next 7 weeks! i will be amazing wen i go on holiday :)

do u no wot i think has side tracked me a bit aswell is ppl keep saying how good i look which yes is good bt then they follow it with i dont think u need to loose anymore.. and im like urrrr yes i do but now cus so many ppl have told me and sed this to me its kinda shook my plans up a bit if that makes sence.. so i need to get back in the frame of mind where i think yes im proud of wot i have achieved so far but i intend on loosing a bit more i want to be 12stone 4 and i will be by xmas!! only 30lbs to go.. good look all and sorry for not keeping u up todate for a couple of weeks :( xxxx

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  1. Well done on the pound Laura, glad to have you back and so glad you have met a new man! Just ignore people when they say you don't need to loose anymore, it is either jealousy or just people trying to be nice, you get to where you want to get to as long as you think you look and feel good that's all that matters!