Wednesday, 15 April 2009

bank holiday oops

oh dear i am officially not looking forward to fri WI :( ive eaten like a pig! its like bank holiday = holiday and i dont no wot the heck got into me! lol! i ate 2 chineses 2 burgers from the chippy wine and cocktails! :(:(:(:( had a sneek peak showed a 1.5lb gain.. mission is on 2 get that off and get a STS :( i tell u wot tho i did enjoy myself so its not to bad as long as i get back on track! :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Laura, me and you both but I was eating like a pig from 4th April until yesterday..............oops!!! But I enjoyed every mouthful and have been back on track since y'day. I showed a 2lb gain so hopefully I can undo some damage by Sunday. Good Luck and as you u said its not so bad as long as u get back on track, Chanel xx

  2. don't worry bird you can't be saintly all the time!!!! I think the sneaky peak was a good idea because you can now try and limit the damage as much as possible!

    I am gonna weigh at home tomorrow, I have decided to continue doing the helping at the classes but to record my weight loss on my scales at home, that way hopefully the pressure of having to weigh in front of someone else will be taken away and I can crack on without the worry if that makes sense!

    Don't worry about your blip, at least you enjoyed it!

    Good luck for Friday. Hazelxxx